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I'd love to inspire you with my travel recommendations. From private ocean-front villas along Cape Town's coast, to gorgeous boutique hotels in unique locations, here are my favourites.


Bronwyn Taylor

Africa Safari Expert

Be prepared to try anything once on your travels, Being open to new opportunities can add so much more to your travel experience.

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Well, how can I start giving feedback on this holiday... it completely exceeded our expectations! First I want to thank you so much for taking care of planning it. Everything was so organized and worked so well! From the pickups, transfers to the accommodations. 

After Pumba, our amazing holiday came to an end as every holiday does, unfortunately. I took so much with me, so much joy and happiness that I smile so much when I think about all the memories I have about South Africa. Always with a little tear. South Africa really is something to experience. You really don't know what South Africa can offer and how amazing that country is until you experience it yourself. I promise I will be back to SA in the near future. In the mean time I thank you for the amazing holiday and please thank all the Go2Africa staff on my behalf. I'll definitely recommend you to anybody who will ever want to visit your country!

Giovanni Donati - January 2015 View more reviews