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About Me

I was born in Maun, Botswana and have lived in Missouri USA, Franschhoek and Hout Bay. Over the years I have managed to travel to the USA, Israel, Dubai, UK, Australia, New Zealand, St Helena Island, Thailand, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Comoros and Seychelles.  In Africa, I have spent time in Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Namibia.

Travel would be high on my lists of likes (however now being a Mum I have done a lot less of late). My hobbies include photography, metal detecting, snorkelling and horse riding when I can. I also really enjoy being out in nature, gardening and reading.

Where have I travelled?

Locally, I've travelled throughout the Western, Northern and Eastern Cape, trans-versed South Africa from the northern borders with Botswana down to Cape Town both via the N1 and the N7 along the coast, Drakensburg and Natal Coast line.

I've also travelled to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya. Internationally I've visited the USA, UK, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, St Helena Island, Comoros, Seychelles, Mauritius, Thailand, Hong Kong and Dubai.

My favourite travel moment

Meeting a lone Masai man walking across the Serengeti in the middle of nowhere!

What I love about Africa

The freedom we still have here. There are places in Botswana that still truly feel wild to me, something I don’t believe is found much any more.

Some African travel advice

Ask the locals, they often know best!

Where I'd love to go next

Alaska – I would love to explore the vast open wilderness areas. 

Natasha Wilmot

Africa Safari Expert

I love nothing more than throwing in a bed role and tent and heading down the road to see what is around the next corner!

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Thank you Natasha, you made our trip from start to finish so easy and enjoyable. There were no nasty surprises, only good ones. We had such a wonderful trip seeing more that I thought we would ever see. Totally enjoyed the camping and driving. I would highly recommend Go2Africa to any of my friends. It's hard to beliece it's just a memory now. Oh and I would highly recommend going to Victoria Falls Hotel. What a treat after being in the bush for eight days. Sending you all good wishes and a big thank you for such a wonderful experience, one I will never forget. Makes me smile just thinking of our trip. 

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