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About Me

Cape Town is my home, it always has been and it most probably always will be. The beauty of Cape Town is that there’s something to suit every person in every mood. Everything I could possibly want is at my fingertips so you see, why would I want to live anywhere else? I live in an apartment on one of the most vibrant streets in the centre of town, and exploring this city and everything it has to offer is my favourite pastime.

My passion for travel started when I was rather young and mostly came from my parents – whether it was locally or internationally we were always looking forward to and planning the next holiday.

One of my dad’s greatest passions has always been fishing so growing up we travelled all over the Western Cape, frequenting towns along the Garden Route, up the Whale Coast and it has even taken us to Mauritius… which of course I never minded. I was very fortunate to have this opportunity and seeing all these beautiful destinations is what grew my passion for travel.

Where I've travelled

I have done a fair bit of travelling in Europe - from Paris, Belgium and Venice to London, Amsterdam and Sweden. I absolutely love the European lifestyle and have considered living abroad at times but I just don’t think I could brave the cold.

Australia is another destination that I have visited quite a few times - I have a lot of family living in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and this coupled with the similarities it has to South Africa wins Australia a very special place in my heart.

My African travel is something that only started in the recent years of my life – the exchange rate really makes it hard to travel internationally but it has been a blessing in disguise because it forced me to open my eyes and see the beauty that this continent has to offer. Out of all my travels, the fondest memories I have happened right here on African soil. I have been to Namibia, travelled around the Okavango Delta, Chobe, Linyanti and Savute in Botswana, been on both the Zambian and Zimbabwean side of Victoria Falls, experienced a few places in Mozambique, Mauritius, Madikwe, Sun City and of course a Kruger safari here and there. 

My favourite travel moment

I think my absolute favourite travel experiences have been while on a safari – the memory that pops into mind first is being with colleagues on a morning game drive and coming across 2 male elephants strolling down the road. Our ranger of course turned the engine off so that we could admire them but they just kept getting closer and closer and I just got more and more nervous. They ended up walking right next to our vehicle as if we weren’t even there, so close that if we stuck our elbow out it would be grazing their bellies. Being so close to these enormous animals, knowing that they are completely wild and are only tolerating us by choice was both exhilarating and moving and something that I will never forget. I also caught this on video so get to relive it over and over again.

What I love about Africa

I can’t think of anything better than going on safari - being waited on hand and foot, fed delicious food seven times a day and then going out with an expert and admiring these incredible animals in their natural environments. I think this, the friendly people and the untouched, untainted and diverse experiences on offer is what makes Africa one of the top destinations in the world

Some African travel advice

My advice for African travel would be 'do it!' Take advantage of the exchange rate and plan an adventure that will surpass your expectations and keep you coming back for more. I would also suggest doing it in style, save up a little extra so that you can do it properly – you don’t want to have to compromise on having extraordinary experiences.

Jessica Lassen

Africa Safari Expert

To travel is to live, so live life to the fullest.