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About me

I grew up as a beach and bush baby.  After being born in Port Sheptone on the South Coast of South Africa, we moved to MarlothPark in the Lowveldt.  This is still one of my favourite places in South Africa and I go and visit my family as often as I can.  Believe it or not, I grew up where lions were my alarm clock in the mornings and hyenas serenaded me to sleep at night.  The bush inspired me to travel and to see as much of this country as I possibly could.

I have lived and travelled all over South Africa.  From relaxing under millions of stars in a game vehicle in Zululand, to stalking rhinos to get the best close up picture I could possibly get.  I have wake boarded on the beautiful Umtamvuna river and surfed the warm waters of Durban in the NorthCoast.  Port Nolloth, Knysna and JeffreysBay have been the true pinnacle of my travels on the EasternCoast.  On the West coast I have indulged myself in beautiful seafood in LambertsBay and Langebaan and even travelled to Port Nolloth where you will find a little bit of unexpected history.  

I have recently moved to Cape Town, the city where I always said I would want to live one day.  It has been an exciting journey since the first day and it only gets better.  I love visiting the coastal towns like Hout bay, as well as the beautiful beaches.  Recently I visited the Penguins at Boulders beach, went hiking at Kirstenbosch gardens and went 4x4’ing on the dunes at Melkbosstrand.  I even went paragliding off Lion’s head, which is the best view you will get of Cape Town.  I would recommend anyone coming to South Africa to stay over a few nights in Cape Town.

Where have I travelled

Apart from South Africa, my travels have taken me to Mozambique, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Victoria Falls.  I have done a self drive 4x4 trip into Botswana which was exhilarating.  With a rooftop tent and my Nikon camera I was ready to explore and capture everything that beautiful country has to offer.  On a recent trip to Victoria Falls we went river rafting on the Zambezi, which was on the top of my bucket list.  I had won the mighty Zambezi with an excellent team and a lot of paddling. 

That is also what drives my passion to travel, not just the experience, but the stories I get to tell afterwards.  I have many special travel memories, from visiting the Pamukkale salt pans in Turkey to getting up close and personal with an elephant on a makorro in the Okavango Delta.  

My favourite travel moment

I have a bucket full of treasured travel moments and it is hard to choose my favourite one.  It is always exhilarating for me travelling to a new destination and I don’t know what to expect.  That is one of the best feelings that no words can explain.  If I have to choose I would say my favourite was the Walking with Elephants encounter at Sanctuary Stanley’s in the Delta.  Not only is this one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, but meeting the three orphaned elephants just made my heart melt.  I was smiling for the whole day interacting with these humble creatures.  Facebook travel pictures.

What I love about Africa

I love Africa because it is not just a country; it is a culture, a lifestyle, a journey which you get to walk every day.  I got to grow up living amongst animals, waking up to lions lying on my veranda when I wanted to go to school in the mornings.  I get to have a different adventure every day and experience all the thrills of life in one continent.

Some African travel advice

I have simple travel advice I follow every time I travel.  Talk to a local travel agent to assist you with their knowledge so you can have the best travel experience possible. Always make time for a little bit of relaxation, so you don’t get exhausted within the first few days of your trip.  Always pack one warm jacket and long pants, even if you are going on a beach holiday and this is my most important: always have a good bug repellent and sunscreen.

Where I'd love to go next

There are so many destinations which are still hanging at the top of my bucket list.  The list is to long for me to include everything, but a few dream destinations include Tanzania, Uganda and the Seychelles.  To see the great wildebeest migration is one of my biggest photography dreams.  I would also like to visit Cornwall in England, as that is where my family is originally from.  I am planning to one day travel to Cornwall to explore my heritage.  

Samantha Curgenven

Africa Safari Expert

The earth inspires me to travel, what I can see and what I can touch, smell and hear.  Follow your heart and be true to what you want to experience.  That way you will never be disappointed. 

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