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  • Hi Lisa, we had a fantastic trip! Everything was well arranged, the hotels/lodges/boats were great. The staff were friendly, food was good and the service superb. Helicopter flight over Vic Falls and the gorge is a must do! Thanks again.

    Wim Oomis - January 2015
  • Africa was everything you promised and more. I loved both lodges and really had so much fun I want to go back. Mauritius is a complete opposite as it is so relaxed. The resort is amazingly beautiful and great gardennext to the beach. Again my sincerest thanks for putting up with my wants and wishes and for coming up with such a great holiday. I will write a formal email later but just wished you knew how well things went so far.

    Dagmara Poprawski - September 2014
  • This morning we returned from our vacation in South Africa. First of all, you really did a good job! Thank you very much.

    We had so many really good experiences with the hotels, the people, with your travel guides and we loved to stay in your country.

    We will never forget this trip to South Africa! Thanks a lot for your efforts.

    Sonja Amport - April 2014
  • Our trip was perfection. We saw vast diversity in the areas we travelled. Really enjoyed fugitives drift. Very educational and the topography magnificent. Catheral peak views are glorious. Breathtaking beauty of the mountains and valleys.  Lion Sands was a perfect ending to our trip.  They know how to make their guests feels comfortable, and pampered! Thanks to you this trip was better than my wildest expectations.

    Martha Marie Lavicky - January 2014
  • We had the absolute most fantastic trip! We have traveled to several international locations for our vacations but this was by far the best trip we have ever taken. The itinerary that you put together was absolutely perfect, a great mix of adventure and romance which is exactly what we asked for. The only thing you could have done to make it better was to add a few more weeks onto our holiday! Seriously though, the locations you chose, the hotels and activities were all top notch. We felt safe and secure throughout the entire journey. We absolutely loved the service especially at The Bay Hotel in Camps Bay and at Tinga Narina lodge. The food at all of the hotels was very delicious as well. Thank you for having the hotels give us nice honeymoon treats, the bottles of champagne, deserts, and rose petals was such a lovely touch. Thank you for adding in items that we would have never known about such as the treehouse experience and the Zambezi Queen. We had such a great time at both of these places. Also, the flow of the trip was perfect. We felt that we started and ended in the right locations on the trip, from Cape Town to start to the Zambezi Queen to end. Lisa, I don't know how to tell you how thankful we are for you to set up the trip of our lifetime. We had decided that this trip was going to be our last hurrah before we started to have children and we feel like the trip exceeded its impossibly high expectations. We will be dreaming and talking about this trip for the rest of our lives. It was absolutely magical and we are so grateful for all of the time you spend perfecting it for us. Thank you so so much Lisa! We WILL come back, we are thinking maybe for our 5 or 10 year anniversary. We will definitely use Go2Africa for that trip as well. And we have many friends and family members who are putting Africa at the top of their bucket lists, I have already given your contact info to several.

    Katie & Mike - December 2013

Lisa Liprini

Africa Safari Expert

Africa will change your life. It has changed mine and continues to each day, but my true inspiration is knowing how other lives have been changed by their African experience. Enabling each client that opportunity to share in the African dream inspires me every day.

Read what our Travellers have to say

I cannot begin to tell you how much we loved our holiday.  It all started with your brilliant organisation and attention to detail.  You listened to my description of our family and what we enjoyed doing and you translated it perfectly.  Also it was really good fun talking to you and getting such friendly e mails and it really made the whole experience a joy.  There was a certain pressure on me to get it right for a lovely husband, three stepchildren and one fiance and I can tell you my street cred has soared and it is all because of you. We had a truly special lifechanging experience and it was all because you took us to your heart and made sure we had the best of times.  I really cant' begin to thank you enough and you come highly, highly, highly recommended.  You listened to me, you translated my thoughts perfectly, you went well out of your way to make sure we had the best accommodation and trips and everything was perfectly organised and efficient.  Most of all I loved dealing with you and feeling confident that because of you I didn't need to worry I would let the family down as they had left the booking of this family celebration to me. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Sarah put on  Facebook "my heart has broken leaving Africa".  Laura put "there is definately a void in the market for a post safari self help book" and Hannah has written "died and gone to heaven". Peter and I have been on some fantastic holidays but this has been the best and its all because of you.

Ann Smith - March 2013 View more reviews