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Ramona Cilliers - Welcome to my profile!

Blog Post & Recent Travels

Recently in November 2014 I had the opportunity of visiting Kenya, Uganda and Zanzibar as part of an extensive three-week East Africa trip. What an experience! From exceptional game viewing in the Samburu National Reserve - home to the 'Special 5' - to gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, it was a true higlight of 2014. Have a look at my Facebook photo album for some inspiration.

Earlier in 2014 I also had the opportunity to visit Malawi for the very first time - what a destination! Have a look at my Facebook Photo Album for all the snaps.

About Me

I will never forget my first trip in an aeroplane. I was seven years old and we were embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. Our family was emigrating from a small village in Germany to the wilderness of Africa. I was, falsely so, under the impression that we would have a lion as a pet and ride elephants to school!

The thrill of untold adventures and a Jungle Book-style life that lay awaiting us on the African shores was almost too much for my young mind. I developed an incredible sense of adventure and urge to explore and experience everything - this was most certainly a turning point in my life, and yes, the adventures did unfold (and still do) although I never did get the Jungle Book living experience nor have I had a lion as a pet (I have ridden an elephant though, but not to school).

From this early time, my dream had been to become an air hostess and travel the world but instead I became a travel agent which is much more exciting and rewarding!

Where have I travelled

I get to live my dream everyday and feed my adventurous spirit by creating the most amazing and unforgettable itineraries for my clients. Every so often I also get to experience these amazing places and have over the years covered almost every corner of my ‘backyard’ – South Africa.

I have bungee jumped off the Gouritz River bridge on the Garden Route, micro-lighted over the KwaZulu Natal coastline, walked in the tracks of lions in the Kruger, whispered to elephants at Hartenbeespoort, dived with great white sharks on the Whale Route, hiked the rugged terrain of Table Mountain, and observed southern right whales cruising the Atlantic waters from a helicopter.

Further abroad I have sipped cocktails whilst watching the African sun set over the ocean in Mauritius, searched for elusive lemurs in Madagascan rainforests and sailed the seas in a traditional pirogue.

Most recently I have explored the incredible landscapes of East Africa - Kenya, Uganda and Zanzibar and enjoyed some spectacular experiences. Click on the link above for my photos.

Some of my travels have also taken me back to Europe to explore countries like England, Holland, Belgium, Poland and Czech; my heart however now lives in Africa where I have further adventures planned to Botswana, Victoria Falls, Zambia and Malawi.

My favourite travel moment

My most special experiences in Africa are without a doubt from my many safaris across South Africa; nothing compares to how humbled you feel on this extraordinary activity. So many of my inspirational travel memories find their root in a game drive, unexpected bush dinner or interpretive bush walk.

The amazing people that dedicate their lives to offering unforgettable wilderness experiences, the skill and knowledge of the rangers and trackers, hospitality of hosts and support staff, and the obliging nature of the wildlife are all a surefire recipe for a truly once-in-a -lifetime experience - and that is what I strive to achieve for each of my guests.

What I love about Africa

Even after so much travel, Mother Africa never ceases to amaze: watching a pack of wild dogs chase on the hunt, a leopard mother and cub in playful banter, ellies taking a shower in the river or buffalo taking a wallow in the mud, no two sightings are ever the same.

My African travel advice

My advice to any traveller to Africa would be to expect the unexpected and enjoy every single moment, squeeze every drop of glory out of every moment. Take pictures, lots of pictures! You can never capture the essence of the moment in a photograph but they sure do help to relive and recount them. Never go on safari without binoculars and a birding book – even if you are not a keen birder!

Read real traveller reviews about my service as an Africa Safari Expert, or be inspired by my recommended trips, lodges and hotels around Africa. 

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Ramona Cilliers

Africa Safari Expert

What I love about Africa the most are the sights, sounds and smells of the African bush – they are addictive and it does not take long for the African Bug to get you!

Read what our Travellers have to say

In one word, we had an AMAZING time in Africa! The combination of three destinations formed the perfect experience. With every segment of the trip, we wondered "what more could we ask for to top this one off?" And yet, the next destination brought another slice of paradise. The accommodation you arranged for us in Cape Town was safe and luxurious, but also allowed us to immerse ourselves in local culture and activities.

Malawi was pristine, quiet and friendly. Our days were brimming with heartwarming smiles from the village children. We had more than enough activities to fill our 5 days there - in addition to the usual snorkelling, sailing, swimming, hiking and watching the most spectacular sunsets, we also toured the village, observed the primary school classroom and attended Sunday church service! 

And what can I say about Jackalberry's Safari! It leaves us still dazzled with its golden bushed landscape, abundance of wild life, pampered luxury and educational drives.

Most of all, thank you for making all this possible for us - guiding us through the planning stage, assuring us about the Ebola scare and seeking the best options to fit our style and interests. Thanks for everything! 

Xuan Ma - September 2014 View more reviews