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My Travel Recommendations

I'd love to inspire you with my travel recommendations. From remote lodges on the edge of Uganda's Bwindi Forest to romantic escapes in the Okavango Delta, here are my favourites.


  • Little Kulala Lodge

    Little Kulala Lodge

    Location: Namibia - Sossusvlei

    "This must be the best way to experience the splendour of the Namibian desert, you may just want to spend all your time in your Kulala which boasts a private deck with plunge pool and star bed on your platform roof! The close proximity to the park means you get to be one of the first visitors at the dunes."

  • Nairobi Tented Camp

    Nairobi Tented Camp

    Location: Kenya - Nairobi

    "The perfect alternative to a city hotel offering a great introduction to your safari. Enjoy rustic spacious rustic tents and a variety of activities"

  • Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge

    Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge

    Location: Uganda - Bwindi National Park

    "One of the best locations in Bwindi, this eco lodge over looks the Impenetrable Forest and offers comfortable accommodation and fantastic staff. Lots of additional activities to keep you busy either before or after your trek"

  • Experiential Mount Kenya, Samburu & Masai Mara

    Fly In Mt Kenya, Samburu & Mara

    Location: Kenya - Nairobi, Kenya - Masai Mara, Kenya - Laikipia

    "This combination truly is Africa at its best! Luxury authentic soul touching experiences throughout your safari with each lodge has character, charm and the most amazing staff"

  • Adventurer Kenya Safari & Uganda Gorillas

    Active East Africa Wildlife, Landscape & Gorillas

    Location: Kenya - Samburu, Kenya - Masai Mara, Uganda - Bwindi National Park

    "See, touch and experience, this trip is all about getting out there an living the experience not just watching it from the comfort of a game vehicle. Authentic Cultural encounters, extra-ordinary wildlife and breathtaking scenery, it doesn’t get any better than this!"

Ramona Cilliers

Africa Safari Expert

What I love about Africa the most are the sights, sounds and smells of the African bush – they are addictive and it does not take long for the African Bug to get you!

Read what our Travellers have to say

In one word, we had an AMAZING time in Africa! The combination of three destinations formed the perfect experience. With every segment of the trip, we wondered "what more could we ask for to top this one off?" And yet, the next destination brought another slice of paradise. The accommodation you arranged for us in Cape Town was safe and luxurious, but also allowed us to immerse ourselves in local culture and activities.

Malawi was pristine, quiet and friendly. Our days were brimming with heartwarming smiles from the village children. We had more than enough activities to fill our 5 days there - in addition to the usual snorkelling, sailing, swimming, hiking and watching the most spectacular sunsets, we also toured the village, observed the primary school classroom and attended Sunday church service! 

And what can I say about Jackalberry's Safari! It leaves us still dazzled with its golden bushed landscape, abundance of wild life, pampered luxury and educational drives.

Most of all, thank you for making all this possible for us - guiding us through the planning stage, assuring us about the Ebola scare and seeking the best options to fit our style and interests. Thanks for everything! 

Xuan Ma - September 2014 View more reviews