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My Travel Recommendations

I'd love to inspire you with my travel recommendations. From remote lodges on the edge of Uganda's Bwindi Forest to romantic escapes in the Okavango Delta, here are my favourites.


  • Adventurer Kenya Safari & Uganda Gorillas

    Active East Africa Wildlife, Landscape & Gorillas

    Location: Kenya - Samburu, Kenya - Masai Mara, Uganda - Bwindi National Park

    "See, touch and experience, this trip is all about getting out there an living the experience not just watching it from the comfort of a game vehicle. Authentic Cultural encounters, extra-ordinary wildlife and breathtaking scenery, it doesn’t get any better than this!"

  • Volcanoes Virunga Lodge

    Volcanoes Virunga Lodge

    Location: Rwanda - Volcanoes National Park

    "Feel like the king of the world, with its breathtaking extensive views over the twin lakes Bulera and Ruhonda."

  • Azura Selous

    Azura Selous

    Location: Tanzania - Selous

    "Remote, magical Africa. Experience the authenticity of the Selous at its best at this luxury lodge"

  • Romantic Kenya's Masai Mara

    Honeymoon Kenya's Masai Mara

    Location: Kenya - Nairobi, Kenya - Masai Mara

    "Indulge and celebrate the best of the Mara, new kids on the block Angama will both delight and indulge all the senses"

  • Adventurer East Africa Migration & Gorillas

    East Africa's Landscape, Migration & Gorillas

    Location: Tanzania - Arusha, Uganda

    "A real bucket list trip, hitting the perfect balance between luxury and adventure. Experience one highlight after another on this epic adventure, indulge and relax in the Sanctuaries of Africa!"

Ramona Cilliers

Africa Safari Expert

What I love about Africa the most are the sights, sounds and smells of the African bush – they are addictive and it does not take long for the African Bug to get you!

Read what our Travellers have to say

Our trip to South Africa was fantastic!  Since we’ve been home, whenever anyone asks how the trip was, my response is always the same:  I say, 'Indescribable!' and then spend the next forty-five minutes trying to describe it!

Our eight days in and around Cape Town were great.  The apartment we rented in Seapoint was great and perfectly located for us.  We drove a lot: the Cape Peninsula, Boulders Beach, Cape of Good Hope, Muizenberg, Stellenbosch, Hermanus.  We went to beaches and the botanical gardens. Our kids hiked the Skeleton Gorge Trail on the back side of Table Mountain (Rich and I took the tram), and we all hiked Lion’s Head.  The three of them made it all the way, but my fear of heights caused me to take stock, turn around, and find a rocky perch to view the sunset - beautiful. Every single meal we ate was outstanding!  In addition to enjoying some great restaurants in Cape Town, one day we drove to Hout Bay Market, and on another we went to Langebaan and Die Strandloper - fun!

As for the safari - truly unbelievable!  Our experience at Elephant Plains couldn’t have been better. On our very first game drive we saw four of the Big Five, among many other animals, including some babies, and on the day we left we were lucky enough to see the fifth - a big male leopard.  To be that close to those amazing animals was overwhelming and almost surreal. Among us we had three pretty high-powered cameras, another smaller one, and three smart phones, so I think we probably have about 3,000 photos.  That said, there is nothing that can compare to actually BEING there, to be in a jeep surrounded by elephants ten feet (or closer) away - close enough to see their eyelashes; to watch as a baby hyena tries to climb up the jeep tire while the mother plops down very nearby to keep an eye out; to witness a cohort of five young male lions feeding on a Cape buffalo - again, so close we could hear them chewing - okay -  so that was a little unsettling!  It was wonderful!

What surprised us?  For one thing, the fact that it all went so smoothly.  Considering that we were starting out from three different places (Denver, Minneapolis, and Lagos), and that there were many legs to the trip, it is amazing to me that there were no “hitches”. 

Thank you, Ramona, for helping to arrange our amazing, fantastic, wonderful trip!

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