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  • Our holiday was as amazing as I imagined it would be with Ramona doing the planning. This was our second African trip and this one was just as good as our first one. I cannot thank Ramona enough for the wonderful holidays we have had in Africa thanks to her. Please make sure she knows how much we appreciate her efforts. Who knows, maybe in 2 years we will be getting in touch again.

    Carol-Anne Sanders - October 2014
  • Well Ramona, you did it again….. You pulled off another absolutely amazing (last minute) vacation for us! This trip was your 5th with us and you did not disappoint. In fact, this trip will be the most memorable one so far. Great call on Boulders Lodge…we absolutely fell in love the place. Now Ramona, I want to know how can we possibly top this vacation? Thank you once again for planning such an amazing trip!

    Margaret Schofield - October 2014
  • In one word, we had an AMAZING time in Africa! The combination of three destinations formed the perfect experience. With every segment of the trip, we wondered "what more could we ask for to top this one off?" And yet, the next destination brought another slice of paradise. The accommodation you arranged for us in Cape Town was safe and luxurious, but also allowed us to immerse ourselves in local culture and activities.

    Malawi was pristine, quiet and friendly. Our days were brimming with heartwarming smiles from the village children. We had more than enough activities to fill our 5 days there - in addition to the usual snorkelling, sailing, swimming, hiking and watching the most spectacular sunsets, we also toured the village, observed the primary school classroom and attended Sunday church service! 

    And what can I say about Jackalberry's Safari! It leaves us still dazzled with its golden bushed landscape, abundance of wild life, pampered luxury and educational drives.

    Most of all, thank you for making all this possible for us - guiding us through the planning stage, assuring us about the Ebola scare and seeking the best options to fit our style and interests. Thanks for everything! 

    Xuan Ma - September 2014
  • Ramona, it was a dream trip. I honestly struggle with describing it to people.  It was really the trip of a lifetime that couldn't ever be recreated. I don't even really know how to describe the trip. We learned so much, saw so much, and explored a completely new part of the world. Africa is such a special place! Besides the treehouse sleep-out in Kruger, the highlight was Chobe. Chobe is a magical place that fully introduced us to nature in Africa. We saw the Big 5, we saw the Magnificent 7, we saw the Ugly 5... We saw things that took our breath away. These were our top 5 for the trip:

    1) Sleeping out in the Lion Sands Chalkley treehouse - enough said.

    2) Getting to see baby elephants crossing the river in Chobe, seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen.

    3) Sleeping in tents and hearing the elephants trumpet and make the growly noise at night.

    4) Seeing our first black maned lion in Chobe - it was awesome.

    5) Devil's Pool was crazy, but incredible.

    So I cannot begin to thank you enough - it was beyond what we thought it could have been!

    Rebecca Morris - September 2014
  • Our family-tour was full of wonderful experiences and we had a lot of fun together.  Travelling as a family is such a rare opportunity and it became a big success! Thank you again for your help and the organization. The four of us enjoyed every single minute and it will stay in our heart forever.

    Hans Helmreich - September 2014

Ramona Rubach

Africa Safari Expert

What I love about Africa the most are the sights, sounds and smells of the African bush – they are addictive and it does not take long for the African Bug to get you!

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I'm writing on behalf of my family and myself to THANK you from the very bottom of our hearts for the wonderful African experience. It was so indescribably beautiful and seamless. Chobe Game Lodge was the best choice ever, the people there made us feel so welcome and the true owners of the reserve, the animals, did not disappoint. They all showed up to welcome us, from the tiniest dung beetles to the magnificent lion, all there for us to admire. Kingdom Hotel at Vic Falls was great, so convenient to base our tour itinerary from there. My eldest daughter went to Devil's Pool on the Zambian side and that was an unforgetttable experience for her! The transfers, flights went like clockwork, so smooth. Thank you once again Ramona! We promise to go back to Africa again, there's still so much to discover.

Rohaizah Rahmat - December 2012 View more reviews