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  • Shelley, I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of the four of us for such an amazing holiday.  We have travelled a lot and I can say that this was the best holiday ever!  Our trip exceeded our expectations. We really appreciated your assistance, knowledge and dedication to making this holiday a complete success.  Every travel detail was perfectly arranged and the logistics were perfectly coordinated.  All the drivers were courteous and punctual and the tours and activities were perfect. There may be people who think that South Africa is one of the easiest countries in the world to book everything yourself and tailor exactly your needs, but that is not enough.  I have been talking to people who visited Africa before and none of them were able to see all that we saw.

    Alina Rivera - September 2014
  • Go2Africa and Shelley Hess were a great team to complement our trip.  Having a reliable, knowledgeable team on the ground helped us to make the most of our time in Africa.  After bad weather had altered our original plans, this team went to work on our behalf to reschedule our entire trip on the fly to ensure we were able to fit in as many planned elements as we could. Without them, our trip could have taken a turn for the worst.  But with them, it was like the weather was never an issue.  A great job, and a group we will be recommending to friends and to family.

    Rachel Huston - August 2014
  • Our trip more than exceeded our wildest expectations. We have so many new memories to cherish from this trip that will last our entire lifetime. We felt very fortunate to have seen as much as we did. We took home lots of great wine to share with friends and family from the wine farms tours. The safari was beyond words - we did not imagine getting so close and intimate with nature in its wildest forms. We think it should be something every human being should experience in their lifetimes! Once in Zambia, we were lucky to have arrived at a time when the water levels were lowering enough to allow white water rafting down the Zambezi, where I've dreamt of rafting for many years. It was an incredible day only to be topped off with our tour of Victoria Falls. Every travel detail was perfectly arranged by your group: the drivers were courteous, kind and punctual; the tours and activities were fun and informative; the logistics went off without a hitch. We didn't have to worry about a thing the whole time. We thank you for building us our perfect honeymoon - compliments to all!

    Adam Grenier - July 2014
  • Our trip to Africa was the trip of a lifetime. I cannot thank you enough for all the expert arrangements. Your country and individuals that we had the pleasure to meet were beautiful. We have memories that we will talk about the rest of our lives and we have amazing pictures! Our adventures at Victoria Falls, Cape Town and Thornybush were outstandings. It was so nice to have all the flights and transportation established by you. Thanks again for all the time and concern that you personally put into our trip. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your country!

    Connie Maple - July 2014
  • From the moment I sent my first query and from the efficiency of your response I knew we could work together. You proved this time and time again with the million queries I had – you always responded with gratitude and advice and always with a "hi, how are you?". It is not easy to find travel consultants who are so professional but when you find a gem you keep it.
    I have mentioned you time and time again to my family, friends and colleagues and can promise you that on my next South African experience we will come straight to you.
    Thank you so much for always being there and for your assistance and concern. You certainly were a big part in helping to make our holiday a memorable one!

    Esther Jamil - May 2014

Shelley Hess

Africa Safari Expert

Sipping a glass of South African wine while lying on a hammock on your private deck as the sun sets provide memories to last a lifetime!

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I have visited many countries in my life, but I never loved a country like I loved south africa, I am not talking about the place only, but I am talking about the peaple and it starts with you, you have been very helpful and kind to support me in my travels!

John Fette - June 2013 View more reviews