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Kate Erskine - Welcome to my profile!

Blog Posts & Recent Travels

I recently visited East Africa and spent some time in Kenya and Tanzania's best reserves with a few of my colleagues - what a trip! Read more about our trip on this blog, "Our Latest Travels: Kenya & Tanzania".

About Me

I was born in KwaZulu Natal, raised in Johannesburg, schooled in the Eastern Cape, did a brief stint in the UK, and finally, I now live in Cape Town. I have no plans to move anywhere else just yet - this is the best place to be. I'm a real foodie at heart and love trying new restaurants, or having long lazy Sunday lunches with family and friends.

I love to get out and explore my city, whether it's heading to the beaches, hiking up Lion's Head, or venturing out to the Winelands. It wasn't a conscious decision to get into the travel industry but I'm glad I found myself here. I love to explore new places, and relish getting a chance to meet new people and learn more about the world we live in.

I'm happiest on safari with no TV, cell phones or internet, just surrounded by the bush and animals. Now that's a holiday! I'm also just as happy on the beach - sun, sand and surf!

Where have I travelled

I've been pretty lucky with all my travels in South Africa, particularly with an adventurous dad who likes to explore! Family vacations have taken me to the Drakensberg, Kruger Park, the Karoo and Wild Coast.

My travels have also taken me to Botswana, Victoria Falls, Swaziland, Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar plus the Seychelles. Further abroad, I have visited the UK, Spain, the United States, Mexico and the Cayman Islands.

My favourite travel moment

This is an exceptionally hard choice to make since so many experiences have left such an imprint on me. So I'll go with my freshest experience: a visit to the Maasai Village in Amboseli, Kenya.

From our camp, we met the young Maasai warriors who escorted us to their village. On the way, they showed off their skills in spear throwing. We were met by the chief and women of the village, singing a welcome. We learnt to play a traditional board game, watched warriors make fire, and learnt about the day-to-day life in the village. The people we met were so warm and friendly - I left a piece of my heart in the village that day. It was an incredibly special and humbling experience.

What I love about Africa

Africa is truly a melting pot of culture, history, scenery and wildlife. Each country has a story to tell, from the original inhabitants to the days of colonialism and to the present. You can feel the history that each era has left behind in the language, architecture and food.

It is also a land of stark contrasts. From cosmopolitan cities to humble villages, from rich fertile plains to arid deserts, seeing the miracle of life in the animal kingdom and the harshness of death. Africa will enchant all your senses.

My African travel advice

Africa works on Africa time - don't rush it!

Where I'd love to go next

Madagascar is high up on my list of places to see - beaches and lemurs! And although my heart remains in Africa, I would also love to visit New York, Italy, Cuba, Chile, Singapore and Thailand.

Kate Erskine

Africa Safari Expert

When you come to Africa, turn off your phone, close your laptop and leave technology behind. This is an experience you don't want to miss!

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We had amazing time in Africa. Everything was great (hotels, service, drivers and guides). We really enjoyed all hotels especially Elephant Plains Game Lodge, game viewing etc. I would not change anything, it was organized well so thank you for that. Everyone, my husband and my sister absolutely loved it.  We considering to book another trip to Kenya and Tanzania (great migration) combined with Seychelles. I will contact you again!

Dorota Wolak - May 2013 View more reviews