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  • Many friends have asked about the trip since my return and I still haven’t been able to come up with the perfect one word response to capture how I feel about it.  Brilliant, Wondrous, Inspiring, Emotional, Unbelievable – these words just don’t seem to do the trip justice.  I end up telling everyone that our time in Africa exceeded my hopes and expectations beyond my wildest dreams.  It truly was that perfect, and we have you to thank for that!

    This trip was a life dream for me.  Top of my bucket list, if you will.  And it couldn’t have been more amazing!  Having the opportunity to share it with my two college-age daughters made it that much more special.  The trip itinerary was such that we all three had experiences that were personal to us as individuals; and we made memories together that will not only last our lifetime, but I feel certain will be shared with each new Fairman generation.

    First, the people of Africa were beyond compare.  We’ve done a fair amount of international travel and have met some wonderful people along with way.  But there was something extra special about the people of Africa.  So welcoming, so gracious, so genuine. Second, our accommodations across the country were wonderful. The Desert Delta Camps we visited in Botswana were OUTSTANDING! We stayed in four camps, and upon our return couldn’t decide which was our favorite.  They all offered something unique and afforded us the experience of four different landscapes and habitats.  The atmosphere and ambience at each was distinctive and special in its own way. 

    Third, the logistics of our trip couldn’t have been better executed.  We scheduled a lot of activities and did a lot of moving around, and I’ll admit that before we departed the states I was a bit concerned about making all of the ground and air connections.  But I needn’t have worried.  Every step of the way everyone was where they were supposed to be, and on time, to transport us from one place to another with little to no effort necessary on our part. 

    Fourth, the wildlife, which is what brought us to Africa to begin with, was brilliant, wondrous, inspiring, emotional, unbelievable… We watched a den of wild dog puppies playing while their parents lounged nearby.  We were not more than 15 yards from a cheetah and his fresh kill.  We watched a pride of lions: two males, four females, two adolescents and four cubs, dining on a buffalo.  We watched jackals attempting to ‘share’ in the buffalo meal, while a lioness kept a keen eye on the jackals’ movements.  We watched a lone lioness stalk a warthog mom and her three babies (the warthogs were oblivious to the lion’s proximity, but avoided an encounter). We observed another lone lion and lioness whereby the male was following the female with an obvious interest in mating (we ultimately did see them mating).  We saw both a brown and spotted hyena, one on a night drive.  We experienced honey badgers run across the open ground one evening while dining on the deck at one of the camps.  We saw some of the most beautiful birds ever, along with many ostrich in the bush.  We watched more baboons than we could possibly count running, playing and socializing.  We saw a lone leopard resting under a shade tree and then watched him dart away.  We saw a porcupine on the side of the road and an otter playing in the Zambezi river.

    Some of my most memorable moments include when, while watching a herd of elephants cross our path, two males began what I initially feared was fighting, but turned out to be playing.  It was amazing to see these wondrous beasts butting heads, tangling tusks and chasing each other just as my own children used to do.  Another time we were cruising in the Okavango Delta and almost ran smack dab into an elephant in the water eating wild reeds.  The elephant was as startled to see us as we were to see him.  He took one step toward the boat bellowing with his trunk held high.  I can’t describe the moment except to say we were all relieved when he backed off and exited the water.  Another moment that I’ll never forget was watching a male lion playing with one of his cubs.  On the surface one might think the ‘dad’ was only tolerating the playful cub.  But with a closer look you could sense the love shared between the two.  Proud is what came to mind when I looked into the eyes of the male.  Another lion moment was when we watched a lone male considering ‘swimming’ across part of the delta.  You could sense his trepidation, but he ultimately took the plunge.  And there might not be anything as entertaining as watching from behind a giraffe prepare to drink from a pond.  There’s an obvious art to the exercise!  I could go on and on about the animals and their babies.  Simply put – every species was spectacular and I felt honored to observe them in their ‘homes.’

    Finally, let me close by saying how thankful I am that I found YOU at Go2Africa to plan our trip.  I had phone conversations with several representatives at several companies, and my visit with you is what sold me on putting my trip in the hands of Go2Africa.  If I had it to do all over again, I wouldn’t change a single thing.  So truly, thank you so very much for making my life dream come true!

    Take good care of you and yours, Dori Fairman P.S.  I’m proud to say that at the ripe old (young?) age of 58 I did the Zambezi River Gorge Swing.  It was exhilarating (even though the guide had to push me off, at my request of course)!

    Dori Fairman - September 2016
  • From my family, we want to say thank you for planning an absolutely amazing trip. We handled all the 11 flights well - this trip was spectacular and I cannot thank you enough. The trip overall was once-in-a-lifetime, and we are already talking about going back someday in a few years to see the Wildebeest Migration and Cape Town, and we will definitely use Go2Africa to make it happen.

    Funny how the one part of this trip I didn't book through you went to wrong. Also, since this will probably be my last email to you until another Africa trip in the long term future, I want to say a big thank you one last time for all of the work that you put into this trip.

    Charlie H January 2017
  • It's sad to be back home, but we had a great trip! In general, everything went very smoothly. All the transportation was on time and easy to find. We had a great time and everything exceeded our expectations.

    Overall, we were very satisfied with our trip. The whole time we kept mentioning to each other how well that you organized everything. Our trip seemed to go very smoothly and we could not really have asked for more for our honeymoon (except no airline would even consider upgrading our seats, ha ha). 

    I have already recommended you to a couple of people who were very jealous of our trip and I plan to recommend you to anyone else we know who will be traveling to Africa in the future.

    Thank you again for all your help and for putting up with our particulars. We appreciate your patience and hard work!

    Kelly Britton - December 2016
  • As for Go2Africa, your service has been outstanding Ashley and everything you promised was delivered. We never had to worry about being picked up or dropped off and all the people that drove us around were wonderful. The Federal Air staff and pilots were all amazing as well. I will have no problem in recommending your company to all of my friends and will give you a glowing report when Feefo invites our feedback and also I will mention you on TripAdvisor when I comment on the Cape Grace and Chitwa Chitwa.

    I am already dreaming of my next holiday to Africa now because that safari stuff is very addictive. What wonderful memories we have of your beautiful country, Ashley. Thank you for taking us there.

    Barbara McDermott - December 2016
  • Thank you again for a fantastic job arranging the visit for us to Sun City. It was really a special visit and one I sure hope I can do again in the near future with my kids this time. As far as Go2Africa is concerned, this is the second time you have helped me and I assure you, it will not be the last – for me, or my other American friends. You did a spectacular job.

    Terence Karshagen - November 2016

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Thank you again for a fantastic job arranging the visit for us to Sun City. It was really a special visit and one I sure hope I can do again in the near future with my kids this time. As far as Go2Africa is concerned, this is the second time you have helped me and I assure you, it will not be the last – for me, or my other American friends. You did a spectacular job.

Terence Karshagen - November 2016 View more reviews