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Anja Naude - Welcome to my profile!

Blog Posts

I recently visited Zanzibar with my colleague Stuart - read all about our experiences in his blog post, 'Zanzibar: An African Beach Paradise'

About Me

I was born in Johannesburg and grew up in South Africa before heading to Europe with my German parents to do my schooling in Germany. As a young child I toured South and Southern Africa with my family whenever we could and we were always on the road heading off to some remote place or into the bush!

I do remember going to school occasionally (!) but what I remember most was the places we visited like driving through desert landscapes and seeing snakes or little creatures that live in the sand.

Once I finished my tourism degree in Europe, my South African husband and I decided to tour Europe as well as the United States, so we took some time out and set off to enjoy a bit of the world!

On our return we decided to come and live in South Africa and although we both love travelling, my husband pursued a different career while I stayed loyal to the tourism industry where I started working in Cape Town some 17 years ago. I enjoy my job and love working with different countries in Southern Africa.

Where have I travelled

While working with group travel and incentives I had the opportunity of travelling extensively to most countries within Southern Africa like Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and of course South Africa!

Internationally I travelled extensively when I lived in Europe: I stayed in Germany and France, travelled to Italy, Croatia, Turkey, the Canary Islands, Spain, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Holland, Sweden as well as Canada (loved the Rocky Mountains!) and the United States.

My favourite travel moment

One of my favourite areas is Namibia, especially the unique rocky landscape of Damaraland and the remoteness of the Skeleton Coast.

What I love about Africa

Unique and beautiful scenery with each country in Southern Africa being so different! And of course the wildlife!

Where I’d love to go next

Internationally, Alaska for the landscape and nature! Locally I'd love to visit Malawi. I started selling this destination a couple of years ago and think it has huge potential! Untouched wilderness areas combined with Lake Malawi and the lovely scenery and remoteness one can experience there (still a real piece of Africa).

Anja Naude

Africa Safari Expert

If you only visit two continents in your lifetime, visit Africa - twice' - R.Elliot. can never travel to Africa too many times!

Read what our Travellers have to say

After overcoming jet lag and sorting thousands of photos, I must write to thank you again for all of your planning for us, (and for the extra effort to locate Dave's hat.) Everything was great! All of the arrangements, schedule, accommodations worked very well. We were pleased with Wild Horizons. All of their people were very friendly, knowledgeable, and gave good service, with all timely connections. They have quite an operation going. ( I loved the story of how they started out with the elephants.) Not once did I have to wonder "where are they ?". Anja, we were so very pleased with everything. Our trip has inspired a family to fulfill a life dream of going to Kruger. They're on a tighter budget than we are, and have been looking at some budget tours, but those don't have the itinerary priorities that they want. I will do my best to convince them that they should deal with you because of your expertise, and your attention is so personalized, which I have appreciated very much.

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