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My Travel Recommendations

I'd love to inspire you with my travel recommendations. From private safari lodges in the Okavango Delta to exceptional beachfront resorts in Zanzibar, here are my favourites.


  • Zanzibar Serena Hotel

    Zanzibar Serena Hotel

    Location: Tanzania - Zanzibar

    "The complex in which the hotel is set offers a relaxing atmosphere. The hotel provides amazing views out to & along the beach. The rooms are comfortable & the historic buildings beautiful."

  • The Palms Zanzibar

    The Palms Zanzibar

    Location: Tanzania - Zanzibar

    "With just 6 luxury villas set in an intimate & personalized setting & with the property offering great sea views, guests can be assured that they will enjoy a romantic & memorable get-away in the most exclusive resort in Zanzibar."

  • Little Mombo

    Little Mombo

    Location: Botswana - Okavango Delta

    "Having received many accolades, from best hotel in the World to best safari experience in Africa & offering an unparalleled wildlife viewing experience in combination with opulent accommodations & stellar service – Little Mombo consistently delivers an over the top bucket list stay & experience."

  • Serian Camp - The Original

    Serian Camp (The Original)

    Location: Kenya - Masai Mara

    "This camp enjoys a large amount of repeat business, from many guests who return time after time for another visit, prolific & memorable wildlife experience. There is plenty of delicious food and almost anything you'd like to drink. And of course, the wildlife is phenomenal. This camp is so amazing, mostly because of its fantastic staff."

  • Leadwood Lodge

    Leadwood Lodge

    Location: South Africa - Kruger

    "Leadwood offers a truly exclusive, intimate & serene ''Big 5'' wildlife experience - the staff & experience made me feel like royalty!"

Monique Roden

Africa Safari Expert

Africa is a destination that creeps into your heart, usually quickly & unexpectedly. In the ever-changing, fast-paced & pressure-driven world we all live in today, Africa is medicine for the heart & soul.

Read what our Travellers have to say

My husband and I were beginning our search for the most incredible honeymoon when we came across Go2Africa. Being Canadians, we had little advice in our area to set up the perfect getaway. We were out in touch with Monique Roden quite quickly into our search and she put together a flawless honeymoon that far exceeded our expectations. We tell people at home, until you've travelled to Africa, been on a safari, or felt that feeling when you touch down on African soil, we truly cannot explain to you in words how incredible of an experience it is. Our pictures and videos do not do it justice. The quality of service everywhere you go, the knowledge on the tours and the exceptional standards whether it be food, decor, spa service, movie night (tambo airport hotel), it far exceeds the rest of the world as we have seen. We have travelled all over Canada, the United states, the Caribbean and Europe and truly believe they set the bar the highest.

Although we talk about it everyday and look back on our travels with such fond memories, we really want Go2Africa to know how much their support and guidance meant in planning our trip. Monique's suggestions and tips were so knowledgeable and she made all of our big to do's happen. It may have meant moving tours or bookings around but she made it work. Every single part of our trip was perfect, not one error. In fact, our luggage was lost in Chicago, Illinois on our way down. Which was the airline we booked, not go2africa's fault. A gentleman (our porter) in Zambia took our personal information and looked into it and hand delivered our bags to us the next day. This was the only (and very minor) mishap of the trip, which in our view was no problem at all. In fact, it made us realize how much more the folks involved in our travels went the extra mile to help us out, truly leaving an everlasting positive impact on our view of Africans (South Africans, Zambians and Mauritians to be specific). Every single person we met whether they were a porter, tracker, butler, chef, flight attendant, server in Nelson Mandela square, luggage carrier, they were absolutely fabulous people. We know it's a late review, but we had to tell you all how incredible you are at Go2Africa. We love following the updates on tours, new baby Cubs, and all the excitement back in Africa on Facebook and Instagram and still get email updates. We think Monique was truly incredible and would love to plan a trip for her in Canada one day if she ever wants to come visit. We are saving up for our next trip to Africa and cannot wait. We will definitely be calling Monique for help again! 

Tanessa & Matthew Boutin - August 2011 View more reviews