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About Me

I was born and raised in Denmark. During my teenage years I was fortunate enough to travel to various counties in Europe and after completing high school I lived and worked in Paris and London. I then travelled to Cape Town where I met my husband, a born and bred Capetonian, and fell in love both with him and Cape Town!

I have lived in Cape Town for 16 years and love South Africa. It is a wonderful place to bring up our two young boys. We have everything on our doorstep - beautiful beaches, stunning mountain ranges, wildlife, different cultures and more.

I enjoy assisting people with their travel arrangements and just love it when my travellers express the same fondness for this amazing continent as I have.

Where have I travelled

I have visited most of the Southern African countries and travelled extensively in South Africa as well as Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Victoria Falls and Mauritius. Besides Europe and Southern Africa, I have also been to Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

My favourite travel moment

On a recent trip to the Sabi Sands in the Kruger Park we were on a evening drive and as the sun was setting we found ourselves on an open plain where a small pride of lions were settling down for the night. Two of the male lions were clearly interested in the same female and started roaring to size each other up and to determine who was the most dominant.

As it grew darker and we sat in the safari vehicle watching them the roaring got louder and louder and it was exhilarating and a little bit scary at the same time - it was a fantastic sight and one of my most memorable safari experiences.

What I love about Africa

I just love Africa - the stunning scenery, the sounds, the smells, the people and cultures it really gets under your skin and I have yet to meet somebody who has visited Southern Africa who doesn't want to return.

Some African travel advice

Africa works on Africa time so when travelling be patient and just enjoy the journey!

Where I'd love to go next

I would love to go to Kenya or Tanzania to experience those parts of Africa - wide open plains, the migration, the Maasai, Karen Blixen's house - it all sounds amazing!

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Rikke Williams

Africa Safari Expert

A famous author once said that 'To travel is to live' so travel often, travel widely and definitely travel to Africa!

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