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  • I have one word about the entire trip and that is "Awesomeness". Everywhere we went, all the people we met, all the places we saw, all our accommodations, all the food we ate, all the things we bought, all the things we experienced were like no other. I must say it was my best trip by far, without a doubt!

    Mary Hagell - February 2014
  • I would like to express my highest contentment  in the way you've organized our stay in South Africa. It was definitely the best arrangement that we have ever had. We will share our experience with our family and friends, so I hope that you will receive new clients from Poland!

    Malgorzata Matyja - February 2014
  • Let’s start by confirming that the whole experience was excellent and that it was your own advice & organisation that played a major part in that happy situation. You will gather that all in all we were very happy with our whole holiday. I have spent most of my working life before retirement in the hospitality business and would be quick to point out any serious shortfall in standards - as you will see, if there were any, they were relatively minor and did not spoil the good time that we were lucky enough to enjoy!

    Terry North - January 2014
  • First of all, our entire trip was amazing and there wasn't a thing that we would change about it!
    We highly recommend all the hotels and services that you provided. Thank you so much for helping us make such great memories. I will not hesitate to refer you to anyone interested in an African adventure. We hope to use your services again ourselves! We took malaria pills and fortunately we were never bitten but as you say, we have definitely been bitten by the African travel bug! Thanks again Rikke for all your recommendations and advice!

    Joanne Apotheloz - December 2013
  • This has been one of our best holidays abroad. South Africa has so much to offer. Billion thanks to you and Go2Africa for making fantastic arrangements. Many thanks again for an excellent experience and I have already recommended you and your organization for their vacation in SA!

    Sunil Kochhar - November 2013

Rikke Williams

Africa Safari Expert

A famous author once said that 'To travel is to live' so travel often, travel widely and definitely travel to Africa!

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You were actually on my 'to do list' today. I cannot thank you enough for planning such an AMAZING trip for my husband and I. This was my dream vacation and it was nothing less than extraordinary! When we got back home and showed our friends and family every single one of them said our photos were amazing. My response was that they have to go to Africa to experience what we did. It was truly a trip I will never forget! Rikke, I really cannot thank you enough for planning this trip. It truly was amazing! I did overhear my brother and his girlfriend saying how they want to go to Africa for their honeymoon. When that time comes, I will be sure to give them your contact info.

Kristin Etre - March 2012 View more reviews