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Lauren Johansson - Welcome to my profile!

Blog Posts & Recent Travels

I am a travel enthusiast and vist East Africa often. Read all about my combination Kenya & Tanzania safari, or read what I have to say about Kenya's Beaches. I also recently gave my feedback on why it's safe to travel to Kenya.

About Me

Having grown up in Africa I cannot imagine living anywhere else. Granted there's a vast world out there to explore and that I have done, but Africa is 'home'. And despite having been involved in the hospitality, travel and tourism throughout my entire career, it's always a thrill to hear that one of my travellers has had a truly memorable African experience!

I've worked as an assistant manager at a remote north Kenyan lodge, been a cabin crew member with a major airline, built up a villa rental department in St. Francis and organised weddings and events at a resort. In the Seychelles I worked on my tan for a year but even that got a bit much. I now live in Gordon's Bay which really is just a small village where everyone knows each other.

South Africa is about the lifestyle. Weekends are reserved for cooking and enjoying it with those I love, as well as exploring the gorgeous beaches and mountains nearby. I also like heading off for a quiet weekend at Struisbaai, near the most southern tip of Africa. Fishing? Yes, I love it! 

Having worked for Go2Africa now for over five years, I still adore what I do! Apart from planning trips, you get to enjoy Africa too - why would I want to do anything else!?

Where have I travelled

I've been fortunate enough to live, work and holiday in some of the most incredible destinations. In Europe I have visited France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and a host of other regions. In Africa I've done my fair share of travelling too - Kenya, Tanzania, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, BotswanaZambia and Malawi plus of course South Africa.

Spending a year on the island of Mahe in the Seychelles was bliss while staying on the Comores was pure adventure, unchartered territory and completely off the beaten track. The other islands that are top of my list of best holiday would be Lamu, Mnemba and Zanzibar.

My favourite travel moment

How does one choose a favourite moment? Possibly my favourite day was at Mnemba Island swimming with the dolphins, snorkelling on the house reef, the sunset from the dhow and then the most delicious dinner on the beach under the African sky.

What I love about Africa

The spirit of Africa. The smell of rain in the air before thunderstorms. The sound of joyous singing. Campfires at night. Skies that seem vaster than vast! The sound of a lion's roar. The sense of being alone in the wilderness. Waves crashing on remote African shores. The fact that Africa still surprises me and leaves me breatheless with its beauty.

Some African travel advice

Always keep your sense of humour. In East Africa they have a saying 'pole pole' (roughly translated as slowly, slowly) so take on the African attitude, take it easy, relax and most importantly enjoy every minute, it's all part of the adventure.

Where I'd love to go next

My next holiday will be skiing (just started the planning!) and after that it's beach destinations: locally, northern Mozambique is close to the top of the list closely followed by the Maldives and Barbados.

Lauren Johansson

Africa Safari Expert

Africa is undoubtedly the most magnetic place to visit - the question will always be: when will I return?

Read what our Travellers have to say

To say that the trip exceeded expectations on all levels would be an understatement.  I went to Africa with a lifetime of books, movies and television having created a version that I thought unrealistic.  But the trip WAS a movie. In all four lodges, and on every drive, I was met with such generosity, kindness, warmth and unexpected joy.  I thought that I'd have the experience of viewing God's creatures, but never thought that I'd be within feet of lion, cheetah, elephant, and nameless other wild things.  To see a baby elephant, still unsteady on brand new legs, go with "Mama" to the river, test the water, and run, wobble, falter, run, wobble, lean, ears flapping, trunk waving, was joyous! On one drive we came upon a lone male lion, guarding a very fresh kill.  And on another, a lioness with 6 cubs in tow.  They literally came within touching distance of the vehicle. But perhaps the best of all was the last drive, on the last day, when Dixon and William, (our guides/drivers) knowing I was longing to see one of the great spotted cats, spent hours searching, and suddenly called out.."CHEETAH!"  As the pictures show, we came on two young brothers, bellies full, taking a siesta beneath an Acacia tree.  My new camera caught amazing pictures, but my heart caught fire. Go2Africa was the best choice I could have made.  Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was taken care of.  From the moment I landed in Nairobi, to the flight out, I could lay aside all responsibility, schedule, worry, and concern.  What a gift, to simply be in the moment and trust that all was well.  Africa is truly the trip of a lifetime. I left a large part of my heart, and took a lifetime of memories.

Kathy Reese - October 2013 View more reviews