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My Travel Recommendations

  • Fumba Beach Lodge - beach

    Fumba Beach lodge

    Location: Tanzania - Zanzibar

    "The service here is outstanding. Perfect for trips to Stone town or just relax and enjoy the tranquility!"

  • Lake Naivasha Sopa

    Location: Kenya - Lake Naivasha

    "It is one of the larger resorts in the area but the children will love seeing all the animals - giraffe, antelope and monkeys! Head out on a boat ride on the lake or game drive at Nakuru from here."

  • Ngare Serian - Deck

    Ngare Serian

    Location: Kenya - Masai Mara

    "Alex Walker describes Ngare Serian as 'This refuge of serenity may not suit those who seek a tame, barren surroundings. Rather, it fits the more audacious voyager who seeks out safari's real character'. Authentic and real, a must-visit for sure."

  • Elephant Bedroom Camp -Setting

    Elephant Bedroom Camp

    Location: Kenya - Samburu

    "The sundowners & relaxing around the campfire were the perfect ending to a day exploring Samburu. And yes...elephant do come through camp on a fairly regular basis - wow!"

  • Richard's Camp - game drive

    Richards Camp

    Location: Kenya - Masai Mara

    "With only a handful of tents this intimate camp feels a bit like home. Dining el fresco is the perfect ending to the day with the sounds of the African wild all around you. Guided walks, day and night game drives, meeting the local Masai and numerous other activities ensure that your days are full of adventure. To relax in a Victorian bath with bubbles ..... in the open! Now that is romantic!"

Lauren Johansson

Africa Safari Expert

Africa is undoubtedly the most magnetic place to visit - the question will always be: when will I return?

Read what our Travellers have to say

To say that the trip exceeded expectations on all levels would be an understatement.  I went to Africa with a lifetime of books, movies and television having created a version that I thought unrealistic.  But the trip WAS a movie. In all four lodges, and on every drive, I was met with such generosity, kindness, warmth and unexpected joy.  I thought that I'd have the experience of viewing God's creatures, but never thought that I'd be within feet of lion, cheetah, elephant, and nameless other wild things.  To see a baby elephant, still unsteady on brand new legs, go with "Mama" to the river, test the water, and run, wobble, falter, run, wobble, lean, ears flapping, trunk waving, was joyous! On one drive we came upon a lone male lion, guarding a very fresh kill.  And on another, a lioness with 6 cubs in tow.  They literally came within touching distance of the vehicle. But perhaps the best of all was the last drive, on the last day, when Dixon and William, (our guides/drivers) knowing I was longing to see one of the great spotted cats, spent hours searching, and suddenly called out.."CHEETAH!"  As the pictures show, we came on two young brothers, bellies full, taking a siesta beneath an Acacia tree.  My new camera caught amazing pictures, but my heart caught fire. Go2Africa was the best choice I could have made.  Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was taken care of.  From the moment I landed in Nairobi, to the flight out, I could lay aside all responsibility, schedule, worry, and concern.  What a gift, to simply be in the moment and trust that all was well.  Africa is truly the trip of a lifetime. I left a large part of my heart, and took a lifetime of memories.

Kathy Reese - October 2013 View more reviews