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  • I just want to tell you all about our safari, which was out of this world! We enjoyed breakfast at Onguma with the animals drinking from the waterhole right in front of us, and we were amazed by the magnificient views of the Sossusvlei desert and by the sunsets. We were delighted with private dinners for two at Sossusvlei Desert Lodge, and we really enjoyed the spectacular Okavango Delta, the elephants we saw one day at Nxabega camp, and the hippos roaring at night! We spotted thousands of elephants at Chobe and saw them crossing the river. This is a safari, like the others you prepared for us, that we will never forget! So thanks again very much for all your help!

    Elena - August 2014
  • My niece and I are back from our holiday in Kenya that you organised for us.  We had a fabulous time and I wanted to let you know that all the arrangements worked perfectly!  I also want to pay tribute to Gamewatchers and the Porini Camps.  I really like the conservancy project and the way all the camps work with the local community and use as many Maasai people as possible.  We couldn’t have been looked after better, and the guides were superb.  We saw some amazing things and the whole thing was a great success.  So thank you very much for everything you did to ensure we had such a great holiday.

    Fiona Walthall - August 2014
  • Hi Lauren,

    It was truly a great trip - we have nothing but positive things to say.  Our guides - Steve and Godwin - were absolutely terrific.  They did everything that they possibly could in order to please us. We also want to thank you personally, for arranging this wonderful tour. On the last day we saw a portion of the wildebeast/zebra migration in the western Serengeti; the staff at the Lemala mobile camp were unbelievable (there were no other guests besides us, so they catered to our every need).  Also, having private safari vehicles in both countries was amazing; every time we came across a safari vehicle filled with 4, 6 people etc. we realized how lucky we were to have the vehicle and the guide all to ourselves. We also managed to add in a visit to the elephant and rhino nursery in Nairobi on the last day, where we fostered an elephant named Kithaka.  All best to you and Go2Africa. 

    John Latella - June 2014
  • Hi there Lauren,

    We have travelled a fair bit round the world but we can honestly say this trip was so well-organised, all the plane trips, guides, camps, food and lots of fun. We have 3 sons and daughters-in-law, plus 6 loving grandchildren, but nothing could replace the 50th Anniversary that you arranged for Bev and I .

    We could not fault Tortilis Camp in any way. Kilimanjaro was in full view for the 2 days, and had a wonderfull sundowner on a hill with a full 360 degree view of the plains below, with elephants by the hundreds.

    At Larsen's Camp we had quite a touching private dinner on a viewing platform, with cake and all the staff singing African songs for us - it actually brought tears to our eyes.

    The balloon safari at Little Governor's Camp was definitely the highlight of our safari - it should be on everyone's wish list. The animals prowling thru the camp at night, food, drinks - you name it!

    At Pioneer Camp we had 4 leopard sightings in one day,great food and comfort.

    And The Manor - well, if anything this place was over the top, luxury and service that we will never see again. the bubble bath, "happy 50th anniversary" message and rose petals - we loved it!

    Eric & Bev Reid - May 2014
  • To say that the trip exceeded expectations on all levels would be an understatement.  I went to Africa with a lifetime of books, movies and television having created a version that I thought unrealistic.  But the trip WAS a movie. In all four lodges, and on every drive, I was met with such generosity, kindness, warmth and unexpected joy.  I thought that I'd have the experience of viewing God's creatures, but never thought that I'd be within feet of lion, cheetah, elephant, and nameless other wild things.  To see a baby elephant, still unsteady on brand new legs, go with "Mama" to the river, test the water, and run, wobble, falter, run, wobble, lean, ears flapping, trunk waving, was joyous! On one drive we came upon a lone male lion, guarding a very fresh kill.  And on another, a lioness with 6 cubs in tow.  They literally came within touching distance of the vehicle. But perhaps the best of all was the last drive, on the last day, when Dixon and William, (our guides/drivers) knowing I was longing to see one of the great spotted cats, spent hours searching, and suddenly called out.."CHEETAH!"  As the pictures show, we came on two young brothers, bellies full, taking a siesta beneath an Acacia tree.  My new camera caught amazing pictures, but my heart caught fire. Go2Africa was the best choice I could have made.  Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was taken care of.  From the moment I landed in Nairobi, to the flight out, I could lay aside all responsibility, schedule, worry, and concern.  What a gift, to simply be in the moment and trust that all was well.  Africa is truly the trip of a lifetime. I left a large part of my heart, and took a lifetime of memories.

    Kathy Reese - October 2013

Lauren Johansson

Africa Safari Expert

Africa is undoubtedly the most magnetic place to visit - the question will always be: when will I return?

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We were very happy with our consultant Lauren's response to the Nairobi airport fire. We first heard about the fire from overhearing conversations of other travellers when we were at our camp in the Masai Mara and, a couple of hours later when I checked my email for the first time after hearing it, there was an email there from Lauren outlining the incident, the current status and timings for further updates. Lauren then delivered further updates as promised, and responded promptly and personally to my reply to her original email, all which we consider to be excellent service.

Overall, both for the response to this event and the overall planning of our trip, I rate Lauren and Go2Africa very highly and will absolutely recommend your business to friends.

Danielle Heidtman - August 2013 View more reviews