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  • Our holiday was fantastic. I would go back tomorrow. The food and people were first class and the hosts at the resorts were exceptional. All of it was out of this world - the food was beautiful, what an experience! Thank you.

    Jenny Merrick - February 2014
  • Thank you for the most unbelievable trip and experience!
    Well done! The staff have been exceptional and pandered to our every need. Accommodation was fantastic as well. We loved the outdoor shower and had one while watching the sun rise before our early morning drive. Such amazing memories to have forever!
    Thank you again from 2 very appreciative families!

    Terry Kramersh - January 2014
  • Thank you so much Mary for all your help and the personal touch you provided. This was like being helped by a good friend.

    We had a fantastic time. Every part was well organised and enjoyable. My husband made the comment that it was so nice not to have to worry about things like the transfers. 

    I would definitely book through your company again and will recommend you to others. Thank you again for organising the trip for us!

    Preya Kells - October 2013
  • We had a memorable holiday and we really enjoyed our stay in South Africa, as well as your perfect organization.

    “Merci” from the bottom of my heart for your dedication and assistance - I will recommend your company to friends, as well as using your services again if I have the chance to come back to your beautiful country.

    Nadine Veltz - October 2013
  • We had the most spectacular time in South Africa - thank you for your help and for organizing an amazing trip!

    Our particular favorites were Schoone Oordt and Simbambili - the former was so incredibly elegant; they thought of absolutely everything.  The lodge and the safari were so special - beautiful appointments, wonderful guide and tracker, lovely butler and incredible front of house staff.

    The Cape Royal Hotel was also really nice, really luxurious and a wonderful butler made these pretty origami swans with roses for my parents' anniversary (did you let everyone know about their anniversary?  Almost all the places did special things on their behalf, like champagne and roses at Simbabili- thank you!  They loved it!) 

    My parents and my brother and I just want to thank you for everything - you really outdid yourself! We've definitely caught the African travel bug, I'm looking forward to signing up for the newsletter and I can't wait to go back!

    Sophie - September 2013

Mary Keet

Africa Safari Expert

It's really not only about the destinations that you travel to, it's the whole journey and the things you get to experience along the way.

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Oh Mary! You are so sweet. Thank you for all your hard work. You are truly an expert in customer service and a knowledgeable travel agent! I would definitely recommend you to my friends and online blogs, and of course ask for your help again once my bump on the road is fixed. I loved our email conversation and your sense of humor allowed me to fully trust your expertise. Take care!

May Han - June 2013 View more reviews