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East Africa Travel Times

Depending on your itinerary, a safari to East Africa requires a measure of travel between destinations. Kenya and Tanzania are big countries and their transport infrastructure is not as sophisticated as what you may be used to - and we definitely do not recommend self-driving.

Our budget-friendly Kenya tours make use of a specially adapted mini bus for the duration of the safari while our affordable Tanzania safaris generally use a 4X4 so you can expect to be on the road on these types of safaris. On the other hand, high-end safari packages in both countries are generally fly-in safari tours but if you're creating your own itinerary, you'll need to make some upfront decisions about how you get around these two countries.

Transferring between destinations in a minibus or 4X4 will help your budget but roads are often in poor condition and it may be a long hard day, especially if you're travelling with children. If it's within your budget, we'd recommend flying between destinations on private air charters. Not only will you avoid the long dusty hours on the road but you'll have more time at your destination.

Use our East Africa travel table below to help you plan your safari. Times are approximate but you'll get an idea of the distances and times involved. For professional help in designing your itinerary, simply enquire with one of our Africa Safari Experts for their been-there advice and suggestions.



Tanzania Driving Times

Tanzania Flying Times

From To Time (h) Distance
Arusha Ngorongoro 4 190km
Ngorongoro Serengeti 3 145km
Serengeti Lake Manyara 4 205km
Nairobi Arusha 4-5 266km
Arusha Tarangire 120km
Tarangire Lake Manyara 95km
Tarangire Ngorongoro 155km
Arusha Lake Manyara 130km
Lake Manyara Ngorongoro 2 60km
Lake Manyara Serengeti 5 205km
Kilimanjaro airport Arusha 1 55km
Arusha Town Nairobi 5 280km
From To Time
Arusha Manyara 25m
Manyara Grumeti 50m
Grumeti Seronera 20m
Manyara Klein's Camp 45m
Klein's Camp Seronera 20m
Klein's Camp Grumeti 30m
Klein's Camp Sasakwa 20m
Sasakwa Seronera 15m
Sasakwa Klein's Camp 20m
Klein's Camp Manyara 45m
Manyara Ndutu 25m
Ndutu Klein's Camp 35m
Ndutu Grumeti 30m
Seronera Ndutu 20m
Arusha Zanzibar 1hr 35m
Arusha Dar Es Salaam 1hr 50m
Zanzibar Dar Es Salaam 10m
Arusha Kilimanjaro 10m


Kenya Driving Times

Kenya Flying Times

From To Time (h) Distance
Nairobi Namanga 2 170km
Nairobi Tsavo 4 270km
Nairobi Amboseli 4 250km
Nairobi Lake Naivasha 95km
Nairobi Lake Nakuru 170km
Nairobi Samburu 6 390km
Nairobi Masai Mara 5 250-300km
Lake Naivasha Lake Nakuru 1 75km
Lake Nakuru Masai Mara 4 340km
Lake Nakuru Amboseli 6 405km
Lake Nakuru Samburu 6 325km
Amboseli Namanga 2 85km
Amboseli Tsavo (Kilaguni) 3 200km
Tsavo E Voi Mombasa 165km
Mombasa Shimba Hills 1½ & a ferry 40km
Mombasa South Coast 45min & a ferry 15km
From To Time
Nairobi (Wilson) Amboseli 45m
Nairobi (Wilson) Nanyuki 30m
Nanyuki Samburu 20m
Nairobi (Wilson) Samburu 1 hour
Samburu Mara 1h 15m
Mara Nairobi (Wilson) 45m
Nairobi (Wilson) Meru 1h 10m
Meru Samburu 20m
Samburu Mara 1h 15m
Nairobi (Wilson) Malindi 1h 30m
Nairobi (Wilson) Kilimanjaro 50m
Nairobi (Wilson) Lamu 1h 20m
Nairobi (Wilson) Lamu - Kiwayu 1h 40m
Mombasa Malindi 25m
Malindi Lamu 35m
Lamu Kiwayu 15m
Momba Nairobi 1h 30m
Mombasa Mara 2h 15m
East Africa Safari

East Africa Safari

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Home to the famous wildebeest migration, East Africa has been delivering the quintessential African safari for decades but there's gorilla & chimp trekking, Indian Ocean islands & plenty of under-the-radar destinations too.