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We're Going Where? Taking Your Teens To Africa

Today's teenagers are rarely seen without earphones resolutely docked in their ears, fingers deftly generating more text messages per minute than Reuters issues global news updates. Their constant connectivity with friends in cyberspace often disconnects them from the people around them, their parents and even their siblings.

So how on earth do you coax these detached human beings out of hiding and into a family holiday? We say, take them on safari in Africa!


When I was 15 and my brother 11, my parents uttered the magic words: "We're going to Disneyworld!" It was a kids' fantasy come true: a month-long holiday in the United States, experiencing some of the biggest roller coasters in the world, living in a 101 Dalmatians themed hotel and eating junk food I had only ever seen on TV.

A year later we set off on holiday in the family car, heading north of the South African border for Etosha National Park in Namibia - a land of endless horizons, crisp mornings and some of the most spectacular scenery on earth. However, for a couple of teenagers in the backseat, it sounded like an incredibly monotonous three weeks away from our friends.

As it turned out Namibia was one of my most memorable holidays ever. The African landscape unfolded in such thrilling ways: pink-streaked sunsets, prides of stalking lion, elephants as far as the eye could see...Like our shared recollections of Disney World, Etosha added brand new adventures and tales to our store of family memories.

Teens in Africa - unique activities - like camel safaris in Kenya - offer unforgettable experiences
Unique activities - like camel safaris in Kenya - offer unforgettable experiences
Teens in Africa - Many family lodges offer cooking classes or kitchen interaction for teens
Many family lodges offer cooking classes or kitchen interaction for teens


Travelling with teenagers can be challenging but it also offers an incredible way to bond and reconnect as a family. 

Teens need to be entertained as much as they need time alone to connect with friends back home or meet and hang out with other young people. This may sound like a tough challenge, especially in Africa, but it's actually easier than you think - you may even discover a type of action and adventure that no other holiday can deliver.

Staying in one spot, like a deserted beach, or embarking on an ambitious two-week hike through the foothills of nowhere is not going to endear you to your teenagers. Rather pick a multi-faceted destination with plenty to do, especially if it has resorts that offer teens' clubs and tailored activities.

Family-friendly destinations often also feature golf courses and pampering spas...After all, an African family holiday is not just about the kids: don't forget to take some time out for yourselves too!

We recommend: a stay at entertainment central Sun City; a break in Cape Town; or a thrilling safari & beach holiday for the best of both worlds.

Teens in Africa - Experience the adrenalin of white-water rafting at Vic Falls
White-water rafting: thrills & spills
Teens in Africa - The drama of the Serengeti & Masai Mara unfolds
Connecting in the Masai Mara
Teens in Africa - A young teenager kayaking at Kiwayu on Lamu Island, Kenya
A young teenager kayaking at Kiwayu on Lamu Island, Kenya


Mauritius is particularly wonderful for families. Expect clean, safe-to-swim beaches and an abundance of watersports like kayaking, snorkelling and water skiing. It's a popular destination too with plenty of opportunities for your teens to socialize with kids their own age.

For adrenalin-fueled activities, there are few better family-friendly destinations than Victoria Falls. Set on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, Vic Falls is ideally located for an adventure-filled family safari. Everything from whitewater rafting to bungee jumping and elephant-back safaris are on offer, enough options to impress the most difficult-to-please 16-year old. Your kids will board the plane home with the coolest holiday tales by far.

We recommend: Le Victoria on the Mauritius North Coast and Paradis Hotel & Golf Club on the West Coast; Tangala House and Sanctuary Chuma House - both exclusive-use homesteads on the Zambezi River.

Teens in Africa - Activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family are ideal for teens
Activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family are ideal for teens


Planning a safari requires knowing your teen's interests and habits. For most teenagers, witnessing the action of a lion hunt or observing a herd of elephant up close will be incredible experiences - but dragging them onto early morning game drives with bird lovers who want to stop and photograph every feathery sighting is likely to be pure torture.

Allow teenagers the freedom to choose their own activities and pace of exploring. Instead of a pre-dawn wake up call, let them lie in if they want until the irresistible draw of a full-spread mid-morning breakfast! Follow brunch with an afternoon game drive or nature walk; tracking game on foot, knowing that danger may lurk around any given corner, gives your teen a thrilling chance to engage with the wild world around them.


An African safari or beach holiday certainly has enough appeal for most teenagers, but for some there is nothing like a big gleaming shopping mall and a pocket full of the local currency. The V&A Waterfront in Cape Town is a perfect spot to visit!

In more remote destinations, include a visit to an African market and give them the chance to test their bargaining skills. Nairobi, Zanzibar Stone Town and Livingstone are just a few places with thriving and eclectic markets filled with fantastic buys and interesting insights into local food and culture. Dried mopane worm snack anyone?

Teens in Africa - The V&A Waterfront, Cape Town's shopping mecca.
Shopping at the V&A Waterfront
Teens in Africa - The variety and diversity of destinations makes Africa ideal for families with teens
Discover Africa's wild spaces


Contrary to the impressions news channels may have given you, Africa actually does have Internet access although it's harder to get in East Africa. Teenagers need time to connect with their friends back home if they want to; sending out excited messages about how cool the watersports are in Mauritius or how huge the lion pride was in Kruger is definitely worth promoting.

Make sure they can connect regularly and you all will be able to relax and embrace the great outdoors that is Africa - the beaches, parks, forests, deserts and islands. So keep the television and Internet usage to a minimum and encourage your children to get out and explore.

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Written by Kimberley O'Sullivan. Connect with her on Google+

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