Migration Round Up with &Beyond

Of all the chapters in the story that is East Africa's Great Wildebeest Migration, none is more dramatic than the river crossings. Arriving in wide-eyed anticipation, the herds pile up like an enormous traffic jam at the Grumeti and Mara Rivers, desperate to complete their journey through the Serengeti and back into the Masai Mara. But crossing the murky brown rivers is no easy task. Giant crocodiles have been waiting all year for the herds and things aren't much better for the survivors - big cats lie in ambush on the other side.

It's Nature at its most spectacular and it's happening right now. One of my favourite safari operators - &Beyond - have camps in prime positions and sent me these images. Guests at Klein’s Camp and Serengeti Under Canvas in Tanzania as well as Bateleur Camp and Kichwa Tembo in Kenya are currently being treated to dramatic crossings on an 'almost daily basis'. Just a few days ago, Klein’s Camp guide Seleu Kedoki and his guests watched thousands of wildebeest 'throwing themselves into the water' followed by a second and even more spectacular crossing the same day.

To experience it for yourself, you'll need to plan ahead. Ringside accommodation gets booked out a year in advance and the exact timing of the herds' arrival at the rivers is something that no-one can predict perfectly. My blog How the Wildebeest Migration Works will show you how the crossings fit into the rest of the migration saga - and remember that if you can't make the river crossing season, rest assured that there's plenty of action throughout the year!

Written by Dominic Chadbon. Connect with him on Google+.


The Great Wildebeest migration: An animation from Go2Africa Safaris on Vimeo.

Migration Round Up with - the herds make the crossing
Strong currents add more danger to the river crossings, particularly when a large group crosses at once.
Migration Round Up with - action in the river
Drama in the Mara!
Migration Round Up with - surging herds
The herds stay close.
Migration Round Up with - a lone wildebeest takes a plunge
River crossings require absolute commitment!
Migration Round Up with - crocodiles lie await underwater
Terrified animals churn up the muddy waters.
Migration Round Up with - they make their way down the banks
Exhausted animals clamber out of the river.
Migration Round Up with - zebras join the throng
Zebra join the wildebeest in their thousands
Migration Round Up with - green grasses await on the other side
The survivors spread out over green pastures.

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