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Go2Africa Launches #BeInspired

As people whose careers and day dreams are rooted in a passion for travelling in Africa, we asked ourselves: what is it that inspires us about this continent in particular?

After many cups of coffee, some heated discussions and excited debates, we agreed on four main sources of inspiration:

  • Wildlife: Africa's majestic wildlife is simply unrivalled. Not only can you experience upclose and powerful encounters with strange and wonderous creatures, but you enounter them in their natural habitats, roaming wild and free as they have for millenia. 
  • Landscapes: Africa's beauty and diversity is exceptional: picture the lush waterways of the Okavango Delta, the towering dunes of the Namib Desert, the vast plains of the Serengeti or the snowy peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. Imagine the urban sophistication of Johannesburg or the Crusoe-chic hideaways of the Swahili coast...
  • People & Culture: Africa's rich cultural heritage is evident everywhere you go - from the exotic traditions of the Himba and Masai, to melting pot ports like Stone Town and Cape Town, where peoples, languages, food and music have blended into something new, vibrant and original. 
  • Experiences: Exploring Africa is thrilling, humbling and often life-changing, whether you stay in luxury hotels and bungee jump the Victoria Falls, or go camping far off the beaten track like an explorer from a bygone era.  You can sandboard some of the world's largest dunes or trek in tropical rainforests to meet wild mountain gorillas. There are experiences here to fill you with gratitude, wonder and the innocent joy of a jolly good adventure.


After getting all worked up about what inspires us, we want to find out what inspires you to travel to Africa? We've created four inspiration boards on Pinterest to nurture your travel dreams. We hope you'll join the conversation with your own #BeInspired board and share your inspiration with kindred spirits.

Take a look at our video (below) to find out how to get involved and be inspired with us...


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