David and Dave go walking in Zambia

What happens when Go2Africa’s creative director gets together with a stand-up comedian and a star of the silver screen? After lots of noise, coffee and notepaper, they make a little travel show to tickle your funny bone… Introducing TV star Tyrone Keogh (David) and comedian Paul Snodgrass (Dave) in David & Dave: Go Walking in Zambia. 

Meet David

He’s an adventurous guy who loves to travel. David books through Go2Africa’s African Safari Expert Ashley because he likes to have the best information from an agent who’s been where he’s going.

Meet Dave

He’s also an adventurous guy who loves to travel, but travel doesn’t always love him. Dave likes any excuse to chat to Mandy, his local travel agent. Unfortunately, Mandy’s never been to Africa… 

David & Dave: Go on a Walking Safari in Zambia


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About Walking Safaris in Zambia

The classic walking safari was pioneered in Zambia. Exploring the wilderness on foot with an expert guide reveals Africa’s gentler side – delicate wild flowers, perky little birds, and the heady scents of herbs and blossoms. On foot, your senses sharpen. You notice the small details and realize you are part of the wilderness not separate from it, which is an extraordinary insight. And there are plenty of thrills, especially in South Luangwa where you have a very good chance of encountering big game… Yes, you may even have the thrill of a lion sighting while on foot!

Talk to your Africa Safari Expert about booking your classic Zambia walking safari, or browse our range of Africa walking safaris and tours.

Written by Donyale MacKrill. Connect with her on Google+

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