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5 African Adventures to Have Before You Die

You’ve seen the Big 5, been awestruck by the Great Migration and thrilled by Victoria Falls and the roaring Zambezi River, but you’re still crazy about Africa? It’s time to step it up and discover Africa’s secret adventures…

#1 Track Turtles Along the Balmy Indian Ocean

Turtles are clumsy on land but balletic in the sea – and hundreds of just-hatched youngsters make it their first mission to leave the nest and reach the ocean before they can be swooped up by hungry seagulls. Between Rocktail Beach Camp and Thonga Beach Lodge on South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal Coast, this ancient scene is replayed every year between November and February as turtles return to the beach where they were born – after swimming the length of East Africa!

5 African Adventures to Have Before You Die Turtle
Watching newly hatched turtles heading for the ocean for the first time is a humbling experience.

#2 Dive With Whale Sharks off Kenya and Zanzibar

These incredible fish – which are longer than a school bus – are playful, tranquil and relaxed, making for incredible underwater encounters. Between October and April they gather off the south coast of Kenya and around Zanzibar’s islands like Chumbe and Mnemba – both of which are great destinations for snorkellers too.

5 African Adventures to Have Before You Die Whaleshark
Gentle giants, whale sharks have been known to show enormous curiosity about scuba divers.

#3 Trek with Camels in Samburu

Get out of the car and onto the… camel? Used as transport for centuries in north Africa, some lodges in Kenya’s Samburu region, like Saruni Samburu, offer a camelback trek through the golden savannah. With their steady pace and unrivalled ability to withstand heat and thirst, they’re the ideal way to get up close and personal with the sights, sounds and scents of the wilderness, all the while providing a lofty perch for you to scan for far-off game.

5 African Adventures to Have Before You Die Camels 1
Camels provide a lofty view point.
5 African Adventures to Have Before You Die Camels 2
Closer to the wilderness on camelback.

#4 Chimpanzee Safari in Tanzania

Although mountain gorillas get more attention, finding a group of playful chimps in the wild is one of the most exciting and intriguing animal encounters you can experience. Chimpas are generally more active and vocal than gorillas, and their intelligence and quirky emotions really shine through. Greystoke Mahale and Gombe Forest Lodge are fantastic bases for chimp trekking.

5 African Adventures to Have Before You Die chimps 2
It's hard not to see ourselves reflected in chimps' expressions & emotions.
5 African Adventures to Have Before You Die chimps 1
Baby chimps are very playful & are indulged by the older troop members.

#5 Be Inspired by the Rock Art of the Cederberg

A few hours drive from Cape Town, the Cederberg is a fertile region of hills and valleys. Within the Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve, there are 130 different rock art sites where you can marvel at the subtle colouring, symbolism and elegance of these ancient paintings. Rock art is our first ‘recorded history’ and seeing these images in their natural wilderness setting truly connects you to our shared human past.

5 African Adventures to Have Before You Die Rock art small
The caves of the Cederberg are ancient art galleries.
5 African Adventures to Have Before You Die - Small rock art 2
Learn about the symbols & techniques used by rock artists.

As the saying goes, ‘There is always something new out of Africa.’ She is slowly unfurling her secrets for us, and it’s great to discover them one by one…

Written by Angela Aschmann. Connect with her on Google+.

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