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Top 10 Travel Trends for Africa in 2015

We love sharing Africa’s travel trends with you, and not just because trends are inspiring and informative; they also reflect the rational and emotional reasons that people travel. We draw our predictions from market research, industry developments and the insights of real travellers in our online community.

1. Breathing Space

Work stress, city smog, global recession and information overload… It’s no surprise that the number one trend for travellers in 2015 is taking time out where there is space to breathe in the quiet beauty of nature, where the air is clean and personal technology is irrelevant. 

Top 10 Travel Trends for Africa in 2015
Selinda Explorers Camp in Botswana takes you back to a life before cellphones, email & spreadsheets...

Need a digital detox? We recommend the big blue skies of Namibia and the rolling plains of the Serengeti.

2. Secret Gardens

As travellers become more informed about what to see and do in Africa’s top destinations, they naturally want to know about the hidden gems – the places that offer iconic experiences without the crowds. Our top choice for 2015 is Zimbabwe. Home to natural wonders, spectacular wildlife and some of Africa’s best guides, Zimbabwe’s top attractions are conveniently close to international flight hubs. 

Top 10 Travel Trends for Africa in 2015
Singita Pamushana offers the best that Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve in Zimbabwe has to offer.

Is Zimbabwe calling? Find everything you need to know here, be inspired by these tour ideas or get in touch with a safari expert.

3. Little Luxuries

In a time-starved world where a million cares are crammed into every minute of the day, taking a vacation means stepping away from daily pressures. It’s time to get outdoors, make memories and enjoy life’s little luxuries: a great meal, a beautiful view and time with the people you love. It’s about vacations that are customized to your preferences using private accommodation, transfers and guides.

Top 10 Travel Trends for Africa in 2015
The Cape Grace in Cape Town has discreet service, vistas of Table Mountain & nooks to share with your partner.

Our favourite little luxuries: for the best food and wine, we recommend Africa’s gourmet capital, Cape Town. For a seamless, personalized vacation, connect with a safari expert and go private.

4. Authentic Encounters

This trend is about travellers seeking out genuine cultural experiences and natural wildlife encounters. It’s a move away from the tourist traps like fake villages and captive animals. It’s about opportunities for respectful, sincere engagement with real people in their traditional settings and about raw, wild encounters with Africa’s wildlife.

Top 10 Travel Trends for Africa in 2015
Go2African Liesel makes a new friend in Congo.

Does this trend speak to you? Find out more about Africa’s top cultural interactions or explore our favourite wild encounters, gorilla trekking and walking safaris.

5. Alive & Kicking

This is about the moments that leave travellers feeling changed and transformed by what they have witnessed or the people they have met. It is about seeking out those precious instances where you feel fully present and more truly alive. When your every sense is awake to the beauty and detail of the world around you, we call it a bucket list experience, and Africa is home to some of best on the planet. 

Top 10 Travel Trends for Africa in 2015
Gorilla trekking in Rwanda can give you a renewed appreciation for our shared humanity & the importance of conservation.

Africa’s do-before-you-die adventures will stretch your comfort zones, open up your horizons, surprise and delight you. Be inspired by our Top 5 round-ups for couples, families and solo travellers or browse our top experiences, from hot-air ballooning at dawn to gorilla trekking.

6. Know Me

This trend evolved from a fashion for expertly curated lists of luxury products created for discerning individuals. In 2015, ‘tailor-made’ jumps out of the realm of the ultra-wealthy into everyday services, including travel, which just happens to hit the bull’s eye of why we will show you Africa better than anyone else .

Top 10 Travel Trends for Africa in 2015
Do you want peace, privacy & a perfect paradise? Vamizi ticks all the boxes.

We publish tours to inspire you; we don’t sell one-size-fits-all safaris because tailored journeys are much more likely to be extraordinary and unforgettable. Our experts are very good listeners because tailor-making anything begins with getting to know you, and your unique combination of likes, dislikes, hopes and travel dreams.

7. My Story

This trend reflects the shift away from owning things to making memories – those experiences that become defining moments in an individual life story. Contemporary travellers share their stories publically on an unprecedented scale, between travel albums on Facebook, tweeting game drive sightings and posting their ratings on Safari Bookings. Travellers often feel the truest connection with Africa when they are seated around a roaring campfire, trading stories with their fellow adventurers.

Top 10 Travel Trends for Africa in 2015
Go2African Angela explores a pristine beach during whale season in Hermanus, outside Cape Town.

Discover your African story in far-flung tented camps in the midst epic of wildlife and warm hospitality. We love the combination of Botswana and Zambia and these grand adventures.

8. I Got This

This trend is a natural result of longer life spans. Increased longevity inspires better care of our health and active hobbies, like golfing, hiking, scuba diving and cycling. In 2015, we expect to see more travellers including active hobbies in their vacation plans, looking to take advantage of unique and exotic locations to achieve personal goals or learn something new. 

Top 10 Travel Trends for Africa in 2015
You're at 19 000ft & on the roof of Africa: well done on summitting Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the world!

Get sporty: Climbers come to Africa to summit Kilimanjaro, mountain bikers to ride a natural wonder and landlubbers sign up to learn to scuba dive off the coast of a tropical island. This trend includes family goals, like setting out on a grand road trip together.

9. Extra Ordinary

With time at a premium, many travellers want their precious vacation days to include once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will thrill them, enrich their life story and still leave enough downtime for rest and relaxation. Combinations safaris are ideal for this trend – they include iconic wilderness experiences and balmy afternoons spent soaking up the sun beachside.

Top 10 Travel Trends for Africa in 2015
Go2African Anza got this beautiful shot of dawn over the Serengeti from a once-in-a-lifetime hot-air balloon safari...

If this your ideal balance, we recommend combining iconic experiences like gorilla trekking, hot-air ballooning and walking safaris with rest and relaxation on gourmet safaris, tropical beaches and Africa’s best spa escapes.

10. Value_Shift

Another evolving trend is ‘clan’ travel, which reflects the dynamic nature of modern families and a nostalgic value shift back to family activities. The trend began in 2011 with a marked rise in extended family travel – mostly multiple generations travelling for special celebrations – and grew into a joyful movement of blended families using vacations as bonding experiences and mixed groups of friends, kids and relatives heading off on active adventures together.  

Top 10 Travel Trends for Africa in 2015
Mara Bush Houses are the ultimate spot for families to enjoy the pleasures of this ancient land.

Family time is high on your value ladder: we recommend unforgettable adventures focused on the best of East Africa and South Africa.

Ready, steady, go!

The new year in Africa dawns after December's summer rains, triggering migrations and covering the dusty plains in lush fresh grasses. It’s a time of plenty and peaceful beauty, of long sunny days and fiery sunsets. It’s the perfect time to start turning your travel dream into an unforgettable safari and there’s no better partner on that journey than us.

Here's to very happy travels in 2015!

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Written by Donyale MacKrill. Connect with her on Google+


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