How to Recognise a Good Travel Deal

There are travel deals and then there are travel deals. We know it can be tricky to recognise the genuinely good deals from the specials that make big promises but don’t deliver real savings. Always be wary of deals that seem too good to be true – in our experience, they usually are. On an African safari, you get what you pay for, which doesn’t mean there are no great travel deals to be had. It’s always important to know exactly what is and isn’t included in an all-inclusive safari quote. You should receive a clear list of exclusions and a current estimate of what those exclusions may cost you. If you don’t know what is excluded, you can’t compare apples with apples if you shop around.

Pay ‘n Stay

The great thing about these deals is that they reward you for staying longer at the lodge, hotel or resort of your choice by discounting additional nights that you book over a certain number. You can recognise these deals easily in the way they are promoted, which is usually along the lines of ‘stay 8 nights, pay for seven’ and similar offers. This is a great way to extend your stay and a genuinely good deal based on a simple, clear saving.

How to Recognise a Good Travel Deal - Pay Stay
By extending your holiday with a pay-stay special, you'll be able to experience more in a certain destination.

Mrs Save

Newlyweds should always explore the travel deals offered exclusively to honeymooners. Please note that you may need to provide proof of your recent marriage to qualify for these specials but they often offer genuine good value. You can recognise quality honeymoon deals in terms of a bridal discount on accommodation, sometimes enhanced with a selection of value-added complimentary activities.

How to Recognise a Good Travel Deal - Mrs Stay
Celebrate your marriage with an African honeymoon that gives an ample bridal discount and additional complimentary activities or perks.

Savvy Seasons

Seasonality is one of the best ways to save without compromising on the quality of your vacation – in fact, with the right expert advice you may even gain valuable benefits from travelling outside high season. Look out for travel deals that take advantage of off-peak travel periods, such as green season safaris in East Africa and Botswana. Not all destinations are suitable out of season so be sure to book this sort of travel deal through an experienced travel consultant who has actually travelled to the destination.

How to Recognise a Good Travel Deal - Savvy Seasons
Discover the joys of game-viewing in the crowd-free Green Season.

Clever Logistics

This is a one of the ways an expert travel consultant adds value to your safari and makes your budget work harder for you. An experienced consultant looks for opportunities to included attractions or add-on complimentary destinations by taking advantage of clever logistics. As the client, you may not know how different locations fit together – you must rely on your safari expert to recognise opportunities when she is tailor-making your vacation. A great example is adding on a stopover in Victoria Falls after a Botswana safari, or combining a big game safari in Kenya with a tropical island like Zanzibar or the Seychelles.

How to Recognise a Good Travel Deal - Clever Logistics
Victoria Falls is a great example of an add-on to a Botswana safari, ensuring you get the most out of your African vacation.

Experienced Safari Experts

We negotiate hard with our suppliers to make sure we deliver real value at a fair price to our clients because Africa is a long-haul destination, which demands a certain investment upfront, before Day 1 of a safari. Even affordable safaris cost more than the average holiday in another destination, which is why we believe in helping you make informed choices – like knowing that you’ll enjoy numerous benefits if you stay in the private wildlife conservancies that are not available in national parks, having the advantages of exploring at your own pace, or staying in smaller, more intimate accommodation that delivers a genuinely superior and more authentic safari experience.

How to Recognise a Good Travel Deal - Safari Experts
Planning your trip with an expert means you get real advice on where to stay, what to expect and how to get the best value out of your trip.

When it comes to a destination as complex, thrilling and unforgettable as Africa, it pays to recognise a good travel deal and have an Africa Safari Expert on your side. 

Written by Donyale MacKrill. Connect with her on Google+

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