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March & April: Book now for...

Spring is slowly coming to the northern hemisphere, luring many people from their hunkered-down hibernations, but in the south, winter is coming. But winter in the south is nothing like winter in the north – in fact, its cool evenings and balmy, dry days are perfect for game watching. High season for both safari and the Great Migration is fast approaching and lodges and camps are gearing up to welcome guests from across the globe.

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Where to Go in Africa in March

March is not a relaxing month.The poet Ogden Nash described it as that month of 'wind and taxes', but March in Africa is an interesting ‘shoulder month’ between high summer and the start of autumn.

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Which African Safaris to Book in February

They say that the third Monday in January is ‘the most depressing day of the year’ as the bloom wears off your Christmas and New Year’s memories, you get back into the work grind and the bills start arriving again. Then around rolls February, usually the coldest, wettest and generally most miserable month in the northern hemisphere. Is it any wonder at this rather bleak time of year that our hearts and minds focus on escaping to warm beaches, sunny climates and tropical islands?

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Where to Go in Africa in February

It's February in Africa and summer is in full swing. Rain has settled in across much of the continent and many of its top safari destinations, drenching the tropical coastline in afternoon showers. But it's not all grey clouds: choose the right destination, and you’ll find yourself under Africa's classic blue skies and gorgeous sunshine.

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Where to Go in Africa in January

South of the equator, January is midsummer. If you’re planning to come to Africa at this time, you might hear things like: it'll be hot, it'll be wet, the wildlife is as widely dispersed as the abundant surface water (instead of conveniently concertrated around waterholes), and some lodges and camps are closed for the 'off' season.

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Christmas in Africa - Celebrate in Style!

Soft white snowfall on Christmas Day is a real scene-stealer but the months before and after the powdery magic give the northern hemisphere winter a bad name: sludgy ice mixed with mud tracked all over your living room and grey skies as dull and endless as left-over turkey. Luckily, there's a a perfectly balmy solution to escape your central heating and trade your thermal underwear for beachwear and sandals: say ‘hello’ to Christmas in Africa.

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December & January: Book now for...

Go2Africa's fundamental approach to travel sets us apart. It’s how we create the kind of vacation that you remember for years to come, and it depends as much on our first-hand expertise as it does on the relationship we build with you. You don’t pay for it but it’s our most valuable service: putting you in the right place at the right time in the right hands to witness Africa’s greatest wild events.

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Things To Do In And Around The Company's Gardens

The Company’s Gardens date back to the 1600s and are the raison d’etre for Cape Town. Looking for a way to the East Indies - the source of spices, silks, tea and porcelain for Europe - the Dutch East India Company chose a route around the tip of Africa. The journey took months and sailors were at severe risk of scurvy from a lack of fresh produce. So the Company sent some employees to the Cape of Storms and told them to start a vegetable patch. More than three centuries later, that ‘vegetable patch’ is now a green lung in a cosmopolitan city that bustles with workers, sightseers, squirrels and hadedahs (what South Africans call sacred ibises). Easily walkable in a morning or an afternoon, there is plenty to see and do in and around the Company’s Gardens.

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Where to go in Africa in December

As the northern hemisphere sinks into the short, cold, dark days of winter, Africa stretches its arms out wide in a warm welcome. December in Africa is when summer gets going and many places are at their best. The climate is mostly hot and sunny while the occasional rains that do fall in the interior cool things down and green’ things up.

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Where to go in Africa in November

November in Africa and the sun is setting later and rising earlier - summer is on its way! Now is the time to plan a beach vacation because Africa’s Indian Ocean island destinations – like the Seychelles, Mauritius and Zanzibar - are stunning in November. If you’re thinking of a November safari, choose your destination carefully: the start of summer also means the start of the rainy season in many African safari destinations.

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