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East Africa Safaris

Is it Kenya or Kenya?

On a recent trip to Kenya, I was privileged to spend a morning exploring the lush forests of Mount Kenya. It was a guided walk in the care of an armed ranger – there is plenty of game in the forest, including buffalo - and a superb guide from my hosts at Serena Mountain Lodge.

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Nairobi Airport Fire: What We Learned

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and the continent’s main gateway to Europe and Asia. As East Africa’s primary hub, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport sees around six million passengers flow through its doors each year. Connecting flights ferry passengers to all the major attractions: from Mount Kilimanjaro to the Masai Mara and Lamu Island. In peak periods this busy airport greets around 16 000 travellers each day.

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Kenya Travel Diary

Taking a road trip through Kenya is a great way to explore this iconic destination. My safari begins in the lush rainforest of Mount Kenya National Park where I discover that a good guide can turn an uneventful stroll into a magical experience. What more could you ask for: the haunting skull of a forest buffalo, monkeys whooshing through the canopy, and mid-morning tea served in a woodland clearing?

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Gorilla Trekking 101

Africa offers travellers the chance to witness some of nature's grandest spectacles. The continent is famous for its vast herds of wildebeest that cross the Serengeti, rumbling families of elephants in the Chobe, and the stylishly blasé leopards of the Kruger National Park. But by far the most transformative and up-close wildlife experience in Africa is a face-to-face encounter with the great apes of Uganda and Rwanda. 

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Exploring Stone Town

When I set off on my Zanzibar vacation, it never occurred to me that Stone Town would be a highlight of the trip. I had done some research on what activities to do on the island and, of course, Stone Town - a World Heritage Site - was on the list. I didn't expect too much from it - I was focused on experiencing as many ocean and beach-based activities as possible. I thought a quick afternoon tour of Stone Town would be enough.

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Dhows of Zanzibar

Among the many things that regularly caught my eye during my visit to Zanzibar, the dhows always stood out. These traditional boats are still used for fishing and transport but have also been adopted by the locals to provide visitors with authentic sunset cruises and ocean safaris.

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Kenya Beach Guide

Pick up a Kenya tourist brochure and chances are there'll be a herd of wildebeest staring back at you from the front cover. Kenya is after all where safaris first started and it remains home to the ever-dramatic Great Wildebeest Migration but there's a lot more to the country than hooves, tooth and claw.

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Where to safari: Kenya or Tanzania

East Africa is where the concept of safari was born, and no countries epitomise it more than Kenya and Tanzania. Their imagery still resonates with travellers across the world: elephants set against the backdrop of snow-capped Kilimanjaro; herds of wildebeest plunging across crocodile-infested rivers; red-robed Maasai warriors watching their livestock; and tented camps overlooking the rolling, golden savannah.

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Eastern Vs Southern Africa Safari - Which Is Best?

One of the biggest questions to ask when you're considering a safari in Africa is: east or south? 

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Climbing Kilimanjaro: Tips To Make It To The Top

Few experiences in Africa can compete with standing at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and gazing down at the continent six kilometres below you. Needless to say, climbing Kilimanjaro is on many people’s bucket lists and up to 30,000 adventurers set out each year to conquer it, making Africa's highest peak the most climbed mountain in the world.

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