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Our Latest Travels - East Africa Safari

When someone as well-travelled as Go2Africa Safari Expert Lauren Johansson describes a journey as "the trip of a lifetime” I immediately sit up and pay attention.

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Making It Happen: Africa Safari Guides & Trackers

It may be the Big 5 you've come for but central to the success of your African safari are the people who will make it happen - the safari guides.

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Africa Safari Vehicles: What To Expect On Your Trip

Once you've arrived in your African destination, you'll switch from aeroplanes to safari vehicles, whether it's for a road transfer or game drive. The design of these vehicles is specifically to enhance your game viewing experience so you'll see features like extra large windows and pop-up roofs, and on specialist photographic safaris, padded bars or sandbags to rest your camera on. The vehicles vary depending on the type of safari you're on and the country you're in - some vehicles are completely open to the elements and others can close up to make longer distance road transfers more comfortable.

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