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Luxury without Lodges - a Camping Adventure to Nxai Pan

It began with a question: are there any African wildlife destinations left where you won’t be surrounded by a pack of 4X4s at every sighting and be confronted by manicured luxury lodges around each corner? I must admit I had my doubts before I gritted my teeth and went on a winter camping safari to a remote slice of the Kalahari. I wanted the wilderness but I also wanted to be comfortable.

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Zanzibar - An African Beach Paradise

In May this year, I received an email from our product team asking if I’d be interested in visiting Zanzibar. I'd be staying at the Hideaway of Nungwi Resort and Spa. To say I was excited would be a gross understatement: I was over the moon.

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Kenya Beach Guide

Pick up a Kenya tourist brochure and chances are there'll be a herd of wildebeest staring back at you from the front cover. Kenya is after all where safaris first started and it remains home to the ever-dramatic Great Wildebeest Migration but there's a lot more to the country than hooves, tooth and claw.

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Dhows of Zanzibar

Among the many things that regularly caught my eye during my visit to Zanzibar, the dhows always stood out. These traditional boats are still used for fishing and transport but have also been adopted by the locals to provide visitors with authentic sunset cruises and ocean safaris.

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Exploring Stone Town

When I set off on my Zanzibar vacation, it never occurred to me that Stone Town would be a highlight of the trip. I had done some research on what activities to do on the island and, of course, Stone Town - a World Heritage Site - was on the list. I didn't expect too much from it - I was focused on experiencing as many ocean and beach-based activities as possible. I thought a quick afternoon tour of Stone Town would be enough.

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"Thank you again and again Emma and Go2Africa for helping me make this dream come true. Although it was not the first time for me to be travelling alone, I was even more at ease this time because of the meticulous planning that went into this trip! I have recommended Go2Africa to anyone who has asked me about my vacation - I eagerly wait for the next opportunity so that I can get in touch with Go2Africa again to plan my next adventure!"

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