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Top 3 Most Thrilling African Adventures Caught on Camera

Africa is geared for action-packed adventure, much of which is guaranteed to spike your adrenaline and get your heart racing. Here are three daredevil experiences to test your mettle and give you the thrill of a lifetime.

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Top 5 Amazing Safari Experiences Caught on Camera

There are so many brilliant documentaries out there that capture Africa’s wildlife on film. I get goosebumps every time I watch David Attenborough’s introduction to the BBC Africa series. Professional teams from National Geographic, Discovery Channel and BBC head out into Africa’s game parks and reserves every year with their million-dollar equipment to snag the most amazing footage – and they do. The thing is, so do travellers. Sure, travellers may not have the most advanced equipment, but they do explore the same wilderness and return with weird and wonderful safari moments caught on their point-and-shoot cameras.

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Photo Essay - Flower Power

South Africa’s Western Cape welcomes spring in a colourful riot of blooming wild flowers. At the height of flower season, between August and September, the west coast abandons its normally somber semi-arid attire and dresses up for the homecoming queen’s welcome parade.

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How to Shoot African Landscapes

Africa is a continent of vast contrasts and varied landscapes, places where you can truly immerse yourself in timeless scenery of distant horizons and huge open spaces. It is one thing to enjoy a moment in an incredible landscape, and entirely another attempting to photograph it as you see it.

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Africa's Top 5 Golf Destinations

Played under sunny South African skies, the Nedbank Golf Challenge is Africa’s ‘Major’ – the sport’s showcase event on the continent. And thanks to a recent restructuring and increase in prize money, this year’s tournament promises to be a cracker.

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Our Top 10 Best Safari Journeys for 2014

We know just how tough it is to sift through all the information and inspiration on Africa to choose a travel adventure.  We put our expertise and local knowledge to the test to come up with the Top 10 Best Safaris and Beach Getaways for 2014. These are not just good vacation ideas, they are handpicked, lust-haves - the crème-de-la-crème of African safaris that mix and match the very best luxury accommodation with once-in-a-lifetime experiences that'll have friends asking to see your photos and hear your anecdotes for years to come…

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