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Top 3 videos of Elephants Tackling Mud

Elephants love their mud. They squish it, fling it, ride it and learn from it. What's not to love? Watch as these elephants face their daily dose of mud and the fun, creativity and challenges that come along with it.

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Top 10 Travel Trends for Africa in 2014

Africa is the soil my soul is rooted in; it is the scent of wild sage, the buzz of cicadas on a hot summer’s day and the heartsong of a fish eagle: all these whisper ‘home’ to me. But what does my love affair with this continent have to do with travel trends? It is at the centre of the top trend shaping travel to this continent in 2014: our desire, as travellers, for an authentic connection with the places we visit – for a genuine taste of what makes locals (like me) passionate about living there.

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Top Beach Hotels in Cape Town

A three-centuries-old port city, Cape Town is flanked by both the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Known to sailors by the rather alarming ‘Cape of Storms’ because of the fierce gales that can surge around the peninsula, we landlubbers prefer to think of it by its gentler nickname: ‘the Fairest Cape’. It's a seaside city renowned for easy living, gourmet food, fine wines and an efficient infrastructure. Cape Town's top beach hotels allow you to sample the best of the ocean - with its frolicking dolphins, seals and whales - in utter comfort and sheer luxury. 

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