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The Best Wildlife Rescue Clips on the Web

Wild animals seem to have a knack for getting themselves into sticky situations. In these video clips we watch as people step in to lend a helping hand and the joyful response from our four-legged friends.

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Boat, Kayak and Hike the Congo

After three thrilling days exploring Odzala National Park's lush rainforests – and having one of the most authentic wild encounters with a family of western lowland gorillas – we journeyed to Odzala’s open savannah plains, meandering rivers and towering swamp forests. Our home for the next two nights was Lango Camp.

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Ebola: is safari travel still safe?

Ebola is a scary illness. The very words 'haemorrhagic fever' sounds like something out of an apocalypse movie. Africa needed the world to know about the outbreak so that we could work together to stop it spreading. And, make no mistake, we are winning the war on this virus.

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Top 3 Funniest Wildlife Voice Over Clips on the Web

If you’re in the mood for a giggle, I’ve got just the thing for you. These three compilations do a stellar job of rounding up common scenes found in nature and dubbing voiceovers to give us a comical nudge. Enjoy…

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Should I Travel to Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe’s fortunes are as varied as its landscape. Once a British colony known as Rhodesia in honour of empire builder Cecil John Rhodes, it won independence to become Zimbabwe and build a seemingly unassailable reputation as ‘the bread basket of Africa’. Its fertile soil and balmy climate is perfect for agriculture - it’s still the centre of Africa’s lucrative raw tobacco trade - but then came political turmoil once again as the government launched land reform programmes.

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