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March & April: Book now for...

Spring is slowly coming to the northern hemisphere, luring many people from their hunkered-down hibernations, but in the south, winter is coming. But winter in the south is nothing like winter in the north – in fact, its cool evenings and balmy, dry days are perfect for game watching. High season for both safari and the Great Migration is fast approaching and lodges and camps are gearing up to welcome guests from across the globe.

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Off the Beaten Track: What You Need to Know

Africa’s far-flung camps bring you closer to nature and offer the most authentic tented accommodation from the golden era of safari travel. The experience is comfortable, rugged, surprising and thrilling, but before you take a tour on the wild side, find out what you need to be prepared for and why we love these camps. 

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Step Into the Wild: South Luangwa Walking Safaris

Game drives cover a lot of ground but it’s only when you get out of your vehicle and set off on foot that you shift from being a camera-clicking observer to an active participant in the wilderness. As your armed guide leads you along well-worn elephant trails your senses sharpen and you notice things you’d otherwise miss in a vehicle: the alarm call of a troop of baboons, leopard paw prints on a sandy riverbed, the rich scent of sweet mahogany blossoms.

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The Cape Escape: Eco-Adventures in Cape Town

Book a window seat if you’re flying into Cape Town for the first time: the bird’s-eye view of the Mother City’s natural beauty deserves the chorus of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ it elicits from arriving visitors. Accessible and easy to enjoy,  the city’s mountains and beaches are its primary natural attractions, but there are hidden gems on the wilder side of this Atlantic Ocean peninsula. Underwater kelp forests, rugged hiking trails and great white shark enounters all lie within sight of Cape Town.

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6 Places in Africa to Renew Your Vows

Renewing your vows could be even sweeter than saying them the first time. You’re (hopefully!) less nervous, you’re not worrying about the caterer getting the starter out on time and you can be surrounded by the children you’re bringing up and new friends you’ve made along the way. Africa is a truly unique place to refresh your pledge to the one you love: packed with outstanding natural beauty and thrilling wildlife. Adding a bucket list experience (or two) to your celebration is a great way to make the most of such a special family safari.

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