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Where to Go in Africa to see Giraffe

It’s impossible not to like giraffes. Their languid manner and slightly puzzled expressions have entranced us since one was shipped to a disbelieving Italy in the 1400s. It is an animal so peculiar in appearance that its scientific name - Giraffa camelopardalis - reflects its perceived similarity to both a camel and … uhm … a leopard.

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Where to go in Africa in October

October in Africa and the weather is in charge. In East Africa the short rains have begun and the landscape replies with a blanket of fresh green grass. South of the Zambezi, however, it has barely rained since May and animals mill around the remaining waterholes, eyes wide and ears flicking at every snap of a twig. 

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The Ultimate African Water Sports Bucket list

If you and your family are waterbabies, then Africa’s magnificent lakes and sultry Indian Ocean should be on your all-time bucket list. Offering exciting destinations that are somewhat off the beaten track, the sheer diversity of both the topography and creatures of these underwater worlds has to be experienced to be believed.

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Our 5 Favourite Luxury Dive Lodges

It’s just after dawn, a time rarely seen on traditional beach holidays. Yet a group of guests has already gathered in front of the Rocktail Beach Dive Centre. I wander up - weight belt in one hand, cup of coffee in the other - and listen to the excited chatter about what lies ahead (or rather below): “There have been fantastic whale shark sightings recently!”; “Massive mantas circled us yesterday!”; “I hear the coral is incredible!”

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Where to Go in Africa to See Wild Dog

Dawn on an African savannah and the impala are cautious. Ears swivelling, the wide-eyed antelopes move closer together, staring at the tree line where shadowy figures lurk. The reason for their distress is suddenly clear. Streaking out from the trees come Africa’s most efficient predators, putting the impala into instant flight.

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October & November: Book now for...

We’re often asked by travellers what they should be booking by when to avoid disappointment. There’s nothing worse than having your heart set on doing a southern Africa safari with your kids for the Easter holidays and thinking you have oodles of time to arrange it all, only to find that all the best accommodation was booked up months previously. It’s no fun staring at the four walls of your living room when you could’ve have been watching endangered wild dogs take down an impala or a leopard snoozing peacefully in the branches of an acacia tree…

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Supplier Default Insurance: Why it Matters

Every single safari that Go2Africa books and pays for on behalf of our clients is covered by our Supplier Default Insurance. We’ve invested in this cover to protect our clients from an unexpected cancellation that affects their vacation – specifically a cancellation resulting from a supplier becoming insolvent. This insurance is useful because suppliers provide the essential services that make up a safari itinerary: accommodation, transport and activities. An unexpected disruption in one of these services impacts the whole vacation - our insurance is there to protect our clients from financial loss in the event of a supplier becoming insolvent.

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Why We Love Private Conservancies

We love private conservancies for the advantages they offer to guests and the positive impact they have on conservation and the upliftment of rural communities... but the main reason we recommend private conservancies to our clients is for the exceptional game viewing advantages they offer, which are not available in national parks:

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