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The 5 Things You Must Do To Make It Up Kilimanjaro

It’s 3:30am, -8°C / 18°F and all I want to do is lie down and go to sleep. The only reason I'm keeping my feet moving is my guide, Milton's, unceasing encouragement.

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8 Incredible Family Beach Villas in Africa

With a coastline that clocks in at 26 000km or over 16 000 miles, it is not surprising that Africa has some of the best beaches in the world. Throw in pristine water, thriving coral reefs, swaying palms and frolicking dolphins and you have all the ingredients for the ultimate family beach holiday. And the accommodation doesn't let you down either: instead of heaving mega resorts, queues for fresh towels and sun lounger territory wars, expect to find laid-back African family beach villas packed with everything from their own pools, Jacuzzis and private beach access to being taken care of by friendly and knowledgeable butlers, housekeepers, drivers and chefs.

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A Guide to Your First South Africa Safari

Few destinations rival South Africa when it comes to offering a wide range of attractions combined with an easy and convenient regional travel. Home to the Big 5 and breathtaking natural beauty, South Africa is an ideal safari destination for families, honeymooners and adventure seekers of all ages. The teeming game reserves are home to lion, elephant, buffalo and rhino in addition to rare cheetah and all the plains game favourites, like zebra, giraffe and gazelle. South Africa's Kruger area is widely considered the best place in Africa to see leopard, the most elusive big cat.

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