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Africa's Best Family Destinations: Beachside in Cape Town

When it’s summer in Cape Town (November to April), the best place to be is on the beach, especially if you are travelling with your kids. While you soak up the sun, read a book or sip on a sundowner, your children can run and play to their hearts’ content. For more adventurous families, it's a chance to bond and try something new together - learn to surf or even kite board! We’ve selected our favourite family beach moments to inspire your vacation planning. 

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Africa's Top 10 Most Inspirational Places

Floating down a papyrus-lined channel with only a mokoro canoe between me and the water lilies, I’m awestruck by this wild place. Bird song follows us, punctuating the soft rhythm of the pole as it dips in and out the clear water, its cool freshness enveloping my fingers as they trail in the wake. I am in the heart of the magical Okavango Delta, undoubtedly one of Africa’s most inspirational destinations.

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The Best Affordable Luxury Accommodation in South Africa

South Africa’s accommodation options are as diverse as its landscape of craggy mountains, golden savannah, sub-tropical forest and haunting desert. I’ve selected some of the best hotels the country’s most popular travel destinations where you can feel like you’re splurging without breaking the bank…

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Top 5 Travel Trends for Africa in 2016

What does 2016 hold in store for global travelers? Here are our predictions for the new year based on the sort of trips trending in our forward bookings, the rapid-fire evolution of online travel services, and the educated expectations of our most experienced travel consultants.

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