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Lions of the Masai Mara

The Masai Mara is one of the world’s most famous wildlife frontiers, where massive herds of wildebeest, buffalo and zebra still roam free and lions retain their ancient post at the top of the animal food chain.Go2Africa staffer Carlien Parsons was lucky enough to spend time at four outstanding lodges in the Mara during January, which is a classic ‘green season’ month: the vegetation is lush, the plains game well fed, the waterholes full and the lions content. This is what she saw…

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Mature Travellers: How to Plan an African Vacation With Your Folks

There comes a time in our lives when the kids have flown the nest, our careers are on track and we start thinking about treating our parents to a much-deserved trip of a lifetime. Perhaps your mom has always wanted to see Victoria Falls in full flood or your dad has dreamt of spotting the Big 5 on the savannah. If you’re now in a position to make their dreams come true, here are the two factors to consider when planning your trip to Africa with mature travellers.

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Know Your Tour Type: Tailored or Scheduled?

If you’re planning an Africa safari vacation and doing research online, you’ll come across various types of tours: private, tailored, set departures and scheduled. The difference between these tour types isn’t always obvious and is made trickier by industry jargon. The reason you need to know the difference is simply to make sure you book a tour style that is right for you.

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Where to safari: Kenya or Tanzania

East Africa is where the concept of safari travel was born in the 1850s, and the region's flagship destinations are still Kenya and Tanzania. In these countries you'll find those classic safari images that resonate with travellers around the world today: elephants set against the backdrop of snow-capped Kilimanjaro; herds of wildebeest plunging across crocodile-infested rivers; red-robed Maasai warriors watching their livestock; and tented camps overlooking the rolling golden savannah.

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Practical Tips for Mobile Camping

Mobile camping remains hugely popular thanks to being a winning combination of an authentic, affordable and comfortable safari experience that is set in some of Africa’s greatest wildernesses. Instead of staying in lodges, you stay in a series of tented camps in private concessions, national parks and game reserves, moving every few days by road or air to a new location. Although you’re ‘giving up’ a swimming pool, air conditioning, spa treatments and Internet connectivity, all the important creature comforts are still in place like flush loos, hot showers, charging stations and delicious food... plus you get much, much closer to the wilderness in a maximum group of eight travellers: it's crowd-free, luxury 'glamping'! 

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