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Where to go in Africa in September

September in Africa see temperatures climbing steadily and many safari destinations across the continent rapidly approaching their annual best.

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Best Laid Plans: Why an African Travel Agent is Best

Today's travellers are savvy - especially when they're investing a substantial amount of money in an intenational vacation. The Internet makes it possible to research, plan and book almost every aspect of your journey, from airline tickets to hotel reservations and car hire. There was a time when it seemed that the role of a travel agent - essentially a personal advisor who helps you plan and book your holiday -  was becoming obsolete. So how is it possible that Go2Africa, an online tour operator has grown from strength to strength at precisely the same time as so many travellers were trying to 'do their own thing'?

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Africa's Top 10 Ultra-Luxurious Hotel Suites

Gorgeous views, original art, fine furnishings, discreet service, only the very best in food, wine, design and location – not to mention awards galore: these are Africa’s 10 most ultra-luxurious accommodation options for when you want to pamper yourself on an African safari or honeymoon.     

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Top Tips On Booking Your African Safari

Planning your safari is very exciting – there are so many bucket-list experiences to choose from and natural wonders to see, every kind of accommodation you can imagine and as many different settings, from mountains to beaches, rainforests to deserts.

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Pre-Safari Prep: How to Get the Most from Your Camera

Everybody wants to snap one of those National Geographic-style images when they go on a photographic safari, an iconic picture that captures the moment and its subject perfectly. Apart from the fact that National Geographic photographers spend months in the field and you have a few days at most to attempt to lock down your perfect image, it is possible with some preparation and a good dose of luck, of course. 

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