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Where to Go in Africa in February

It's February in Africa and summer is in full swing. Rain has settled in across much of the continent and many of its top safari destinations, drenching the tropical coastline in afternoon showers. But it's not all grey clouds: choose the right destination, and you’ll find yourself under Africa's classic blue skies and gorgeous sunshine.

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Sunrise & Twilight: How to Shoot in Low Light and After Dark

“Photography” essentially means ‘painting with light’. This is easy enough to understand- it is the process that occurs when light strikes a film or a sensor, thus producing an image that exhibits the interplay between light and shadow. What then, if you wish to take a photograph when there is no light, or light that is so low that it's hard for your camera to discern? This is where photography gets interesting - and challenging! It's where photography becomes about exercising creative possibilities, not just taking the obvious shot.

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Meet David and Dave (and Humphrey the Gorilla)

What happens when Go2Africa’s creative director gets together with a stand-up comedian and a star of the silver screen? After lots of noise, coffee and notepaper, they make a little travel show to tickle your funny bone… Introducing TV star Tyrone Keogh (David) and comedian Paul Snodgrass (Dave) in David & Dave: Go Gorilla Trekking.

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Most Romantic Beds with a View in Africa

I dreamed of Africa is one of the most famous books about one woman’s lifelong love affair with this mesmerising continent. Africa gets under your skin and into your soul like no other. It is a spellbinding place to celebrate love affairs of all sorts – your babymoon, honeymoon or even your diamond anniversary.

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Rainbow Romance: a Gay-Friendly Guide to Cape Town

South Africa’s 1996 Constitution specifically protects full and equal rights for LGBT people. In 2006, the rainbow nation legalized same-sex marriages - the first country in Africa and the fifth in the world to do so.

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Top 5 Places in Africa to Pop the Question

The emotions your loved one feels when you ask them such a defining and important question – ‘Will you marry me?’ – can be overwhelming to the point of tears, laughter and weak knees, exactly the sort of emotions that are worthy of an utterly romantic setting.

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How to Travel Safely in Africa: Our Top Tips

Safety is on every traveller’s mind – more so it seems in these turbulent times. Many travel companies stay away from addressing the issues around safety directly. We believe that the more informed our travellers are, the safer, better prepared and happier their vacation will be, so we gathered together our top safety tips for travellers coming to Africa.

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Cape Town's Iconic Long Street

Long Street is one of Cape Town’s most improbable and yet exciting streets, where prim Victorian architecture festooned with wrought-iron decorative ‘lace’ stands cheek-by-jowl with pumping nightclubs and some of the city’s oldest and most-revered places of worship. Starting near the harbour, it forms a rich backbone to the inner city and is truly the street that never sleeps: from office and court workers on weekdays to ultra-hip students and night owls who haunt the late-night restaurants on weekend, it has pep, zest and life in all its weird and wonderful incarnations.

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Where to Go in Africa to see Giraffe

It’s impossible not to like giraffes. Their languid manner and slightly puzzled expressions have entranced us since one was shipped to a disbelieving Italy in the 1400s. It is an animal so peculiar in appearance that its scientific name - Giraffa camelopardalis - reflects its perceived similarity to both a camel and … uhm … a leopard.

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Top 3 videos of Elephants Tackling Mud

Elephants love their mud. They squish it, fling it, ride it and learn from it. What's not to love? Watch as these elephants face their daily dose of mud and the fun, creativity and challenges that come along with it.

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