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South Africa's Best Safari Secrets

Blessed with abundant wildlife and a temperate climate, South Africa has long been a leading safari destination. Its most famous and flagship national reserve – the Kruger National Park – is Africa’s oldest conservation area. Among South Africa's reserves you'll find Big 5 safaris in malaria-free areas and conservancies for rare and endangered animals, ranging from rhinos and cheetahs to aardvarks and mountain zebras. These attractions combined with a first world infrastructure make South Africa the perfect choice for a first-time safari goer.

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Off the Beaten Track: What You Need to Know

Africa’s far-flung camps bring you closer to nature and offer the most authentic tented accommodation from the golden era of safari travel. The experience is comfortable, rugged, surprising and thrilling, but before you take a tour on the wild side, find out what you need to be prepared for and why we love these camps. 

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March & April: Book now for...

Spring is slowly coming to the northern hemisphere, luring many people from their hunkered-down hibernations, but in the south, winter is coming. But winter in the south is nothing like winter in the north – in fact, its cool evenings and balmy, dry days are perfect for game watching. High season for both safari and the Great Migration is fast approaching and lodges and camps are gearing up to welcome guests from across the globe.

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Most Romantic Beds with a View in Africa

I Dreamed of Africa is one of the most famous books about one woman’s lifelong love affair with this mesmerising continent. Africa gets under your skin and into your soul like no other. It is a spellbinding place to celebrate love affairs of all sorts – your babymoon, honeymoon or even your diamond anniversary.

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Step Into the Wild: South Luangwa Walking Safaris

You’re woken by a gentle knock and softly spoken “Good morning to you!” as the aroma of freshly-brewed Zambian coffee wafts into your tent. It’s really early and your sleep-fuzzy brain reminds you that you lay awake until late into the night – safely cocooned under canvas in the snug comfort of your four-poster bed, listening to the whoops of hyenas and pensive hoot of an owl.

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Easy Ways to 'Give Back' on Your African Vacation

‘A talkative bird will not build a nest’ sums up our approach to charity work and ‘giving back’. It speaks to our ethos of ‘deeds, not words’, which many of our travellers share. We’re often asked by our clients how they can directly benefit the communities or animals they’ve encountered on their journey, so we’ve prepared this list of ways to make a personal contribution to Africa that continues giving long after you’ve returned home.

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The Cape Escape: Eco-Adventures in Cape Town

Book a window seat if you’re flying into Cape Town for the first time: the bird’s-eye view of the Mother City’s natural beauty deserves the chorus of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ it elicits from arriving visitors. Accessible and easy to enjoy,  the city’s mountains and beaches are its primary natural attractions, but there are hidden gems on the wilder side of this peninsula. Underwater forests, rugged hiking trails and great white shark enounters all lie within sight of Cape Town.

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Where to Go in Africa in March

March is not a relaxing month.The poet Ogden Nash described it as that month of 'wind and taxes', but March in Africa is an interesting ‘shoulder month’ between high summer and the start of autumn.

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Africa's Best Private Travel Experiences

If you’ve been on more than one long-haul vacation, you know there’s travel, and then there’s Travel. That capital ‘T’ comes from being comfortable and at ease throughout your journey. It means exploring at your own pace with all the benefits of insider expertise and smooth logistics.

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Which African Safaris to Book in February

They say that the third Monday in January is ‘the most depressing day of the year’ as the bloom wears off your Christmas and New Year’s memories, you get back into the work grind and the bills start arriving again. Then around rolls February, usually the coldest, wettest and generally most miserable month in the northern hemisphere. Is it any wonder at this rather bleak time of year that our hearts and minds focus on escaping to warm beaches, sunny climates and tropical islands?

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