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We're Going Where? Taking Your Teens To Africa

Today's teenagers are rarely seen without earphones resolutely docked in their ears, fingers deftly generating more text messages per minute than Reuters issues global news updates. Their constant connectivity with friends in cyberspace often disconnects them from the people around them, their parents and even their siblings.

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What Vaccinations Do I Need for Africa?

When your Africa safari is booked and confirmed, you'll likely experience a surge of emotions, ranging from the excitement of anticipating a new adventure to the thrill of fulfilling a dream and, perhaps, a tiny tingle of anxiety about possible health concerns (often fuelled by friends or family who have never travelled to Africa).

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Rhino Conservation: Behind The Scenes At The First Rhino Move

Rhinos Without Borders is a big, bold and ambitious project launched and managed by two of our most credible travel partners, Great Plains Conservation and &Beyond. Their goal is to move a hundred rhinos from poaching hotspots in South Africa to safer, military-protected reserves in Botswana giving the species a chance to recover and form a new breeding nucleus. Before we signed up as supporters, our CEO Gary Lotter particpated in the first rhino capture for relocation. This is Gary's remarkable story of a momentous, bittersweet rescue effort.

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Top 10 Best Family Safaris In East Africa

Of all the destinations in the world, I'll wager that Africa offers the best family vacations. Where else can you see the beloved creatures that inspired a dozen Disney movies, or pack healthy fun in the great outdoors into once-in-a-lifetime, child-friendly itineraries? Where else can you enjoy superb settings, fine dining and excellent service at a price that won't blow your budget?

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5 Bucket List Animal Encounters for Families

Contrary to popular belief, bucket lists aren’t only for retired folk who are keen to SKI (‘spend the kids’ inheritance’). Today, youngsters are more switched on than ever before and after spending hours watching BBC or Lost Planet documentaries, many can’t wait to come to Africa and experience the thrill of seeing a leopard in the wild or elephant family at play for themselves.

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Where to Go in Africa in April

April is when Africa’s great summer starts winding down and the year catches its breath before winter. Down in the sun-baked Western Cape, the city of Cape Town welcomes its first autumnal showers. Further north, safari destinations like the Kruger, Botswana and Zimbabwe emerge after months of heavy rain. Cloaked in green, they offer lovely scenery and birding but big game is often hard to find.

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Go off the beaten path in Tanzania

You've cracked the Kruger and witnessed the Mara: now it's time for something entirely different. Tanzania's unbeaten paths lead to extraordinary destinations, perfect for seasoned safari-goers or intrepid first-timers who want an unorthodox introduction to Africa.

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6 Places in Africa to Renew Your Vows

Renewing your vows could be even sweeter than saying them the first time. You’re (hopefully!) less nervous, you’re not worrying about the caterer getting the starter out on time and you can be surrounded by the children you’re bringing up and new friends you’ve made along the way. Africa is a truly unique place to refresh your pledge to the one you love: packed with outstanding natural beauty and thrilling wildlife. Adding a bucket list experience (or two) to your celebration is a great way to make the most of such a special family safari.

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Where to Go in Africa to See Lions

Lions are the most sought-after sighting on a safari. The excitement of seeing them is partly because we expect to see them in Africa and are reassured when we do but there’s also something a bit more primal behind our fascination with them. Thanks to their reassuringly feline name – Panthera leo – we know we are technically dealing with ‘cats’ but lions are startlingly huge, almost bear sized. Their muscular, barrel-chested bodies and arrogantly jutting chins let everyone know who the boss is – and it’s not the 2-legged creatures wearing sunglasses!

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South Africa's Best Safari Secrets

Blessed with abundant wildlife and a temperate climate, South Africa has long been a leading safari destination. Its most famous and flagship national reserve – the Kruger National Park – is Africa’s oldest conservation area. Among South Africa's reserves you'll find Big 5 safaris in malaria-free areas and conservancies for rare and endangered animals, ranging from rhinos and cheetahs to aardvarks and mountain zebras. These attractions combined with a first world infrastructure make South Africa the perfect choice for a first-time safari goer.

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