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Wow, 10 months - already! This is how fast time has flown working at Go2Africa. I can proudly say that I am actually really happy in my job. I have studied in this field and I am passionate about it, and it is all thanks to this successful and great company. From my very first interview, I just felt positive about the journey ahead and what a great journey it has been so far. Go2Africa surely means business and this is evident to see in the success that they have achieved; everyone plays an integral part no matter how small you might think your contribution is. Good efforts and going that "extra mile" does not go unnoticed at Go2Africa - and this makes for a very motivated spirit and fires up the will to want to exceed expectations be it amongst your fellow colleagues or our valued clients."

Leanne Rodney - Africa Safari Expert

"Boring or boredom aren't words I would EVER associate with working for Go2Africa. If I had to choose a word to describe the company, personally I think DYNAMIC would be very fitting. I have been with the G2A since 2007 & I can honestly say that I've learned more in the last +/-3.5yrs than I have at any of my previous jobs. G2A's drive for constant innovation & improvement,  especially in areas like  systems development, has given me the opportunity to work with & learn from some of the most experienced & interesting  people possible. It has taught me that if you are willing to adopt an "out-the-box" attitude the IMPOSSIBLE is always possible because G2A has a way of making the impossible happen."

Ani Perumal - Rates Team Leader

"You will work hard, learn much and grow a great deal in a rapidly changing environment such as this; be sure to be extra vigilant about managing your life and work balance so you can always be in a place to swim and not sink. There are always many balls to juggle, and you will learn great project management, prioritisation and communication skills keeping them in the air. It is also impossible not to drop any; just make sure they are not the important ones, learn from your mistakes and move forward quickly. Finally, remember to remain true to who you are, respect those around you and make sure you enjoy it as you will be spending a lot of time here!"

Liesel Muller - Product Porfolio & Training Manager

"The decision to leave my comfort zone at my previous company was a difficult one. I really had it made: I was earning good money, working from home, and pretty much left to just get on with it -was it really going to be worth giving all this up? Only time will tell! Now several months down the line and I can answer that question with a resounding YES - it was so worth it and I don't quite understand what took me so long to make the leap. I look back now and think how on Earth could I have been complacent for so long ... so much time wasted! Every day brings something new and you soon discover that your limits are actually not where you thought they were. Constantly learning and discovering, pushing and striving to see how far you can go. The support and encouragement from the team and management is amazing and will assist you in achieving your goals. Learning and improving is constant and ongoing. My move to Go2Africa is by far the best decision I have made for myself and can't wait to see what the journey holds for me in the future."

Ramona Rubach - Sales Team Leader

"The greatest asset of Go2Africa is the team - we are focussed, passionate about African safari travel and extremely motivated to succeed. Here at Go2Africa there's a culture of recognition for hard work and commitment. If you have a drive to grow and are willing to put in what it takes, opportunities and reward will come your way. I am just one of the many success stories where I've grown from the Customer Service team to the Product department as an assistant to now being the South Africa Product Manager. I can honestly say that I am extremely happy here at Go2Africa, enjoying this ever-changing, dynamic environment. I'm looking forward to many, many more happy years at Go2Africa!"

Carlien Parsons - Product Marketing & Product Manager




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