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Best Time to Go on a Photographic Safari in Africa

If you want to zoom in on Africa’s most famous spectacles, such as the Great Wildebeest Migration in East Africa, then you need to book your photo-safari in the right season. Peak season game viewing in Kenya and Botswana, for example, means superb wildlife sightings but crowded reserves.

The best time for easy game viewing is usually in the dry season when game is concentrated around waterholes. Unfortunately, the dry season means long days of bleached blue skies, harsh light and dusty conditions. As a result, many professional wildlife photographers consider Africa’s quieter "green season" – usually the rainy summer months of the year – to be the best time to photograph game. Visitor numbers are low, reducing the crowds at each sighting and the light is softer and more luminous under skies regularly filled with dramatic cloud formations.

There is more water around too, which makes for lusher landscapes and tender summer grasses that trigger the massed birthing of antelope fawns. The light is softer, the days are longer, the reserves are quieter and you get far more value for your travel Dollar.

Africa Photographic Safari

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Take your photography to the next level in Africa: specialist photo safaris offer every advantage, technical & practical, to get your best shots ever.