Africa Fly-in Safaris

A fly-in safari makes use of light aircraft to transfer you between locations within a safari destination, saving you time moving between attractions so that you can see and do more on your vacation.

The best thing about flying from location to location – aside from the advantages of getting from point A to point B quickly and efficiently – is that you gain an aerial overview of the landscapes you will explore on the ground. 

Expect spectacular panoramas and the benefit of a better understanding of the wilderness you journey through – when your guide mentions the mountains that border the area, or the vastness of the plains, your aerial viewpoint gives you the full picture.

A fly-in safari usually makes use of light aircraft, including single prop planes, and dirt landing strips. For nervous flyers, this is not the best way to explore Africa. But for most safari travellers, a fly-in safari has an added layer of thrill and excitement to the obvious advantages of seeing and doing more in less time. 

Where to Go

Namibia is a stunning safari destination: bordered by the icy Atlantic Ocean on one side with the haunting Namib Desert, Big 5, famous red dunes and authentic encounters with ancient cultures. It's also vast – the size of France and Germany combined – which makes a fly-in safari the best way to explore it.

From the air, you see the desert’s glorious palette of golds and reds that transform into browns, khakis and greens as you journey over the plains and the scrubland of the remote Kaokoveld where you pass over desert elephants.

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Botswana delivers one of Africa’s best big game viewing experience. There are so many highlights packed into this extraordinary destination that a fly-in safari allows you to see and do most of them. Some of the more spectacular lodges can only be reached by light aircraft, as there are no tarred roads in the wilderness. 

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