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Luxury Train Travel

Combining the finest elements of modern travel with the romance and elegance of a bygone era, luxury train travel through Africa is, simply put, a journey without equal.

Travel through dramatic landscapes at a smooth and stately pace whilst enjoying exquisite private luxury suites, impeccable service and fine dining. Our most popular luxury train journeys cross South Africa – running between cosmopolitan Cape Town and the city of Pretoria – but we can happily arrange longer trips to tumbling Victoria Falls or up into Namibia's desert landscapes.

Rovos Rail and the Blue Train are the two world-leaders in luxury train travel. Rovos is known for its beautiful wood-panelled dining carriages and old-world charm. Along with shorter trips, Rovos runs an annual 2-week odyssey from Cape Town all the way to Dar es Salaam – without doubt one of the most spectacular train journeys in the world.

The Blue Train is slightly more modern; its easily recognisable carriages - decorated in rich blue and gold – regularly cross South Africa in a 27-hour journey that is a smooth, fast ride.

Luxury train travel lets you experience Africa in a way you never have before, and soon you’ll discover that it’s the journey that matters as much (if not more) than the destination.

Luxury Train Travel

At a Glance

Discover true elegance on one of our luxury train journeys as you embark on a trip filled with fine-dining, silver-spoon service and luxurious on-board accommodation.