Africa Beach Holiday Advice

Make sure you're well-prepared for your beach vacation by reading through our Africa beach holiday advice. Additional information and advice on specific destinations is available simply by clicking through to whichever country or regional destination you have in mind.

Best Family Beach Holiday: accessible, well-managed and clean, the beaches of South Africa and the island of Mauritius both top the list for a family beach holiday. Many resorts have kids clubs (so you can take a break too!), super-safe swimming beaches and a long list of activities for adults and kids alike - golf, water sports and tennis are among the most popular.

Safety on Coral Beaches: wear old or cheap shoes when in the water to protect your feet against sea urchins and sharp coral.

Avoid Malaria: if you're travelling to Mozambique, Malawi or any of our East Africa beaches then you are strongly advised to take relevant precautions against malaria.

Dress Code: for most destinations simply pack plenty of beach and casual wear; however, if you're travelling to Zanzibar or Lamu remember that these islands are home to a conservative, predominantly Muslim society. Travellers - especially women - are advised to dress and behave with respect to local customs and sensibilities.

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