Renier Venter - Management Accountant

About Me

I'm not the born-and-bred surfer guy from Cape Town, but in the process of getting there! I grew up Johannesburg and Krugersdorp, relocated too many times to Pretoria and back, and only recently realised that life happens here in Cape Town!

I love anything outdoorsy; hiking, trail running, swimming and generally being out in nature. Although it might remain a dream, travelling into Africa is one of my biggest dreams - Congo especially. I'd also love to visit Zanzibar and Mozambique and really get to remote spots that not many others have travelled to.

Where have I travelled?

I've travelled around South Africa, KwaZulu Natal and the Kruger National Park most memorably. I've also visited Namibia and internationally I've travelled to Spain.

My favourite travel moment:

About six years ago we were in the Kruger National Park and a lioness who had just finished hunting came walking right up to our car. My window was open and she was so close I could almost touch her neck muscles as she was taking deep breaths after her hunt. It was extremely frightening and exhillarating, and a moment I'll never forget.

What I love about Africa:

You can travel anywhere in Africa and always see and experience something you haven't encountered before. The diversity in nature is simply mind-blowing.

Where I'd love to go next:

Zanzibar, Mozambique and the Republic of Congo!

Renier Venter

Management Accountant

The only limits we have are those which we impose upon ourselves…