Nadia Coombe - Head of Marketing

About me

Adventures are forever. You can keep your diamonds, give me life-changing heart-melting experiences and I’m yours. Have you ever traveled to a city and felt like you belong there more than your “home”? This is Cape Town for me. There is no place like it. From the first time I visited the Mother City I knew I simply had to move here. I was born in Johannesburg and growing up have lived in nearly every region in South Africa and a couple of big cities abroad but being in Cape Town for nearly ten years I think I have earned my stripes.   

I have always found myself aching with wanderlust. When I have the opportunity to escape reality for any period of time, I take the chance without a second thought. Embarking on countless journeys has been cathartic and empowering for me. I’m never bored by a new experience and I think that is why I love to travel. I like the challenges that travel brings, even if it gets you into trouble sometimes. You never know what you are getting into and who you are going to meet (human or not).

Where have I travelled?

I have a crush on traveling. I never seem to get enough. From weekends away to wine regions and beaches all across the Western and Eastern Cape to crossing the borders of Africa. I went through an “island phase” where I was on a mission to see all the beaches Africa had to offer and see what treasures hide beneath the waters. Zanzibar, Kenya, Mauritius and the Red Sea to name a few, have given me so many special memories.

Some of my most magical African travel moments will have to include the unforgettable safaris of Tsavo East in Kenya, riding the dunes of Namibia and the smiling faces of Stone Town in Zanzibar.

My husband is English so we’ve done our fair time in Europe with Prague and Lisbon taking the top two spots but Berlin and Madeira surprised me as somewhere I will definitely want to visit again. The walking tours of Paris will forever be one of my best kept secrets. I can’t share travel stories without making special mention of the Maldives and New Zealand. So different but so amazing.

What I love about Africa

The natural beauty and ever changing landscapes, the sunrises and sunsets, the space and sense of freedom, the tea, there is nothing like a cup of rooibos. The beaches and the amazing wonders under the ocean, we truly offer the best diving experiences and the most amazing surfing spots. The laid-back atmosphere and most of all the wildlife. From the great beasts to the smallest bird. Africa will leave you spellbound.

My African travel advice

Wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days the sun manages to find your skin. Pack less than you need, you’ll want to shop while you are here. Come hungry, our food and wine is in a class of its own.  To travel through Africa is to discover a different foodie culture in every region. Bring your sense of humour. Africans love to laugh. Leave your watch at home. 

Nadia Coombe

Head of Marketing

Forgo your maps for a day and just see where the road takes you. There is so much to discover, and in Africa it can only be somewhere breathtaking.