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Best Time to Visit Congo

Weather is everything in knowing when to go to the Congo. An equatorial setting means the Congo’s temperatures – and humidity levels - are high more or less all year: the average daytime temperature is 24°C (75°F) with nights recording between 16°C (61°F) and 21°C (70°F). Annual rainfall ranges from 1100mm to 2000mm and the year is divided into four seasons: a long rainy season from October to December; a short dry season from January to February; a short rainy season from March to April; and a long dry season from May to September.

The principal travel destination in the Republic of Congo is the Odzala National Park, which experiences around 1500mm of rain a year: avoid the wettest months by travelling to Odzala between May and the end of December.

Congo climate chart


At a Glance

The equatorial rainforests of Congo set the scene for unbelievable wilderness experiences, from gorilla & chimp trekking to canoe trails through the forest.

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